Chakra Anklets made with genuine gemstones, features healing crystal in all 7 Chakra colors.Wearing them can balancing your bodies energy centers.

Authentic 7 chakra anklet to balance your chakras

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What does chakra jewelry anklet do? 

The chakras are energy centers by which humans maintain harmony with the universe. Healing Chakra anklet improves your health and well-being. Know the benefits of the chakras .

Although they were discovered by the Hindus more than 3,000 years ago in Central Asia, today they are reflected in our daily lives. This is why when the seven chakras are not aligned they can manifest with diseases or any type of psychic fall.

All emotions that we experience affect our body . When the functioning of the seven chakras is normal, each one of them will be open, rotating clockwise to metabolize the particular energies you need from the universal energy field. But when the chakra rotates in the opposite direction, the current flows from the center out. It interferes with the metabolism causing the chakra to be closed or blocked to the energies that arrive.

What is 7 chakra anklet benefits? 


It is related to survival. It is developed in the right measure to advance, grow and be good at our work. It governs human sexuality. People with this well-aligned vortex stomp and are very dominant.

Color: red.


Covers basic emotions, pleasure, and physical desires. It governs reproduction. Master joy and enthusiasm. Works with love, communication and contact with parents, children and family environment.

Color: orange.


It is related to metabolic and digestive functions. It allows to assimilate energies, problems, joys, sadness and fears. It is ruled by the fire element. It is the laboratory of our body.

Color: yellow.


Defines the immune system, our defenses. It is evocative of love, gratitude, and well-being. For example: love of God, of nature. This element of air is linked to everything that has to do with the respiratory system.

Color: green.


It refers to communication, growth and fluidity of thoughts. It conveys a sense of security. It governs the thyroid, parathyroid, ear, mouth and cervical. When it is well balanced it is demonstrated with a smile, a caress or knowing how to listen.

Color: blue.


It is linked to vision. Also with the ability to understand and comprehend. It refers to duality: good and evil, masculine and feminine, day and night. There is clairvoyance. Also, it is light and understanding.

Color: Violet


It refers to elevation, illumination and liberation. It carries with it the stamp of wisdom and conscience. Buddhism shows it as a lotus flower with 33 petals. It is spiritual, light, subtle, about which less is known.

Can you wear a chakra bracelet on your anklet? 

The answer is yes. At first, you need to find the soil and then stand barefoot. Wear the 7 chakra bracelet on the left ankle.

What does it mean if a woman wears an anklet on her right anklet? 

Different people have different opinions. In the traditional sense, wearing an anklet on your right ankle may indicate that you are in an exclusive relationship. It will also tell those looking for it that you are satisfied with your relationship and not interested in other people who are interested in intimate relationships.

Which leg should a woman wear an chakra stone anklet? 

An anklet can be worn on either ankle; There is no rule as to whether an ankle brace is worn on the left or right ankle. It can be used in either of the two; however, most women wear it on the right ankle. This is believed to occur simply because most people are right-handed.But there is one thing to pay attention to, never wear it on the ankle. It can only be worn on bare legs.

What does an chakra healing anklet on the left foot mean? 

Special meaning: When you see a woman wearing an ankle bracelet on her left ankle, it means that she is married and in an open relationship. These women have been called “hot wives” in recent days. Surprisingly, if the anklet is on the right ankle, it means that the woman is a lesbian.

How to balance your chakra? 

There are 7 main energy centers in the human body:

1.base chakra,

2.sacral chakra, plexus chakra,

4.heart chakra,

5.throat chakra,

6.third eye chakra, chakra.

How do chakras affect your daily life? 

One of the beautiful aspects of the chakra system is that it is so incredibly multi-dimensional. There are many different ways to reach the chakras and bring them into balance. It all starts with awareness. Which areas of your body are problematic? What aspects of your life are not functioning as they should – relationships with other people, health, or the way you make a living? What do you focus on when you automatically perform various activities, such as driving a car or washing dishes? Do you focus on how you feel? This means that your second chakra is getting your attention. Do you concentrate on internal dialogues with others in your mind? This points to the fifth chakra related to communication. Do you focus on the thoughts of the upcoming meal? This in turn means a connection with the first chakra, the chakra of the self-preservation instinct. Or maybe you focus on relationships with other people? This indicates the heart chakra.

Working with the chakras – 8 ways 

  1. The body

Physical exercise stimulates the body. Training puts your energy in motion, and when the energy is in motion, it is easier to access the chakras. Yoga was created to stimulate the chakras, and its positions are designed to provide energy to different areas of the body, e.g. opening the hips is especially good for the second chakra, and exercises to open the chest are designed for the heart chakra. In addition, chakras are also influenced by practices such as massage, chiropractic and dietary changes.

  1. Visualization

You can visualize the colors in all chakras by imagining light moving up and down your spine, or visualizing energy flow in energy channels, or imagining your chakras opening and closing. Ancient visualization practices were mainly based on the visualization of deities and symbols assigned to individual chakras.

  1. Chanting

Each chakra is associated with a specific sound, called a bija mantra, that is designed to stimulate that chakra when chanted aloud or in silence.

  1. Breathing practices also known as pranayama.

You can concentrate your breath on any chakra by imagining that it is the chakra itself that is inhaling and exhaling air.

  1. Relationships with others

When you interact with another person, that interaction involves all your chakras. Often times, relationships have unresolved issues that can be related to any chakra. So relationships represent an amazing test where you can explore your chakras.

  1. The outside world

Your inner work means nothing if you don’t show its effects in the outside world. Likewise, there are activities you can do to help develop your chakras, for example by organizing your work space or cleaning lockers (first chakra), writing a poem or learning a song (fifth chakra), or setting yourself a task to develop in self-willed (third chakra) or changing the diet or establishing a training regime.

  1. Energy healing

Many people who practice chakra work have the ability to remove energy stagnant in chakras with their own hands. Often the hands do not even have to touch the body for any relief, even a feeling of lightness of being, to appear. Thanks to skillful work with energy, you can clearly influence the chakras, which are after all energy centers.

  1. Meditation

The last, but not the least, way of working with the chakras is silent meditation, which allows the chakras to get rid of old patterns and refill themselves with fresh energy. Meditation on a specific chakra allows you to increase your awareness at the level of that chakra. Meditation on a specific aspect, such as interpersonal relationships or creativity, increases awareness of that issue. Meditation in general acts as a refreshing tonic for the entire body and mind system.