At chakrapray jewelry, We are experts in the field of chakra bracelets. We are committed to making genuine gemstone chakra bracelets that are contemporary and easy to wear.

After our careful design, we made our first chakra healing bracelet, which had the seven chakras, one genuine gemstone representing each chakra. Chakras are deeply involved in our physical and mental health, abilities, and daily life.

What is a chakra gemstone bracelet?

The chakra healing bracelet is an accessory that is used to balance the seven chakras and has been worn in India for decades. Some people believe that the healing properties of a crystal chakra bracelet comes directly from the power of the stone, while others say that the bracelet promotes awareness and allows one to focus on the balance of the energy of the seven chakras. The bracelet is said to promote vitality and healing.

These bracelets use stones with energetic and healing properties that are designed to change the wellbeing and lifestyle of the wearer. Theoretically, the energy is trapped in the bracelet and leaves the wearer. Favorable energy comes from each of the stones and transforms the chakras.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Chakra Healing Bracelets?

Have you ever thought that you have a bad day and you don’t know why? Have you ever had a streak where you felt like you were low on energy, low on energy?

What ischakra bracelet meaning ? The chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word of India and is an energy point (entrance/exit point) of energy existing in the body.7 Chakras of our body are 7 energy points through which we channel our energy. Each one balances the energy of different aspects of our life, going through the material, spiritual, physical and mental.

Activating a chakra or caring for a poor chakra is very important for maintaining health, and in the world of power stones, having a stone corresponding to the chakra color activates the chakra in that part.

 Chakra Healing Bracelet

In order to design better chakra bracelets, we have been deeply researching the healing properties of gemstones and their benefits for each specific chakra.The chakra bracelets in the chakrapray have always been loved by new and old customers. This marks our new development direction, and this is the beginning of everything.

Wearing the colors of the rainbow on my hand, with bright and happy colors is enough for me as a benefit for wearing chakra bracelets! But there are even more benefits. Enhance its power and bring out more power, and include seven different types of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple natural stones that are wonderful Finished the chakra amulet .

The color red is linked to your Root chakra, orange is linked to your Sacral chakra, yellow is linked to the Solar Plexus chakra, green is linked to the Heart chakra, light blue is linked to the Throat chakra, dark blue is linked to the Third Eye chakra, and purple and white are linked to the Crown chakra. Gemstones are then linked to each color.

There are different gemstones for different chakras. These are the ones we use:

1st chakra (black / red) (tailbone ) Life / health. Passion / motivation.Red jasper for the Root chakra.

2nd chakra (red-orange) (bladder) Mental stability. Carnelian and Picasso Jasper for the Sacral chakra.

3rd Chakra (Orange-Yellow) (Mizochi) Brightness, Challenge Spirit. Dignity of yourself.Yellow jade for the Solar Plexus chakra.

4th Chakra (Green/Pink) (Breast) Love, human relations. Heart of compassion.Aventurine and moss agate for the Heart chakra.

5th Chakra (blue) (throat) self-expression, communication.Amazonite and turquoise for the Throat Chakra

6th chakra (blue to indigo) (between eyes) Intuition, determination, and intelligence. Lapis Lazuli and sodalite for the Third eye chakra.

7th chakra (purple) (top of the head) Spirituality, spirituality, devotion.Amethyst and quartz crystal for the Crown chakra

Power of Healing Crystals beads

The properties of gem therapy depend on each crystal, such as:  

1.Amethyst is a stone to promote meditation.

2.Black tourmaline is a stone to increase energy and defenses.

3.Black onyx is the right gem to improve yourself in the spiritual dimension.

4.Green jade is a gem related to emotional health.

5.Red agate is related to an increase in both physical and emotional vitality.

6.Quartz gives you strength and energy.

Crystals and stones have been used for millennia and in many ancient cultures, as it was believed in the healing power of nature through the vibration of energy: the Romans used crystal talismans and amulets to improve health and protection in battle; the Egyptians, lapis lazuli to replace the heart of the mummy and promote regeneration in the world, quartz to balance the energy of the body through enlightenment and awareness, and gemstones in the navel to promote sexual energy, attract love and stimulate enlightenment and awaken the third eye; the Chinese, the crystal needle for acupuncture, the amethyst for the change of a normal state of meditative consciousness; the Greeks, the hematite stone to make the warriors invincible through stones that were considered eternal ice sent from heaven; the Japanese, the Japanese quartz to balance the heart of a dragon and express its power and wisdom. 

How to Wear Your Bracelet?

Wearing the bracelet on the left and right sides can play different roles.Wearing the chakra stones on your left wrist You can easily control and change the pressure from the external environment.Wear the reiki chakra bracelets on left side to send healing energies through the body.

Wear the bracelets on right side is more about how you take action in the world outside The role of gems is an aid in your productivity and Control the energy you put into the external environment.The bracelet on the right can help you release toxins from your body and align your chakras.

Wearing a gemstone bracelet can help you get the best energetic benefits and help you achieve your expectations better, but you need to find the right balance between the right and left sides.

How to cleanse your chakra energy stones?

Natural methods to purify your stones: 

Sea Salt

Sea Salt To free your stones from the energies that they may have absorbed before reaching your hands, sea salt and water are the best option. If your stone doesn’t have cracks, leave it in salted water overnight. You can also add sage, basil, or lavender if you want to boost the purification process. 

Running water

Another simple method of cleaning your stones is to place it under a gentle stream of running water. You can accompany this process by asking the universe to take away all the negative it contains with the water. 

With other stones

Some stones such as transparent quartz have the property of purifying other stones. To do this, you can place it inside the same container where you keep your stone. Upon contact, the effect will occur without any mediation. 

With your own energy

Conveying your own intentions and positive energy to them is also a way to conserve your stones. You can accompany your request for care and protection with sage that has the function of eliminating old energy. Apply it throughout your home and also to purify your energy stones. 

Does a chakra bracelet work?

This bracelet is an incredible companion for your everyday life. The shimmering gemstones that adorn the bracelet are not just decorative. Every single stone (approx. Ø 12 mm) can influence your soul and is assigned to one of the seven chakras of the body . The energy spiral increases the energy of the stones on every full moon night.

Strengthening the soul

Already in ancient scriptures it is explained that every gemstone hides healing powers that it developed in the depths of the earth. It is said that the soul affects health. This bracelet should help you to find new spiritual strength. After all, it is said that a person’s soul and chakras must be balanced in order to be healthy.

Chakras – energy centers of life

The energy centers of life have a long history. They unite in seven main chakras. Already with the Mayans one finds indications about energy channels in the body, but especially in India and China the chakra teaching can look back on a long tradition. Each of the healing stones influences certain chakras. The rock crystal is assigned to the crown chakra, the aventurine belongs to the heart chakra and the moonstone is assigned to the sacral chakra. In this way the chakras can be brought back into harmony and more energy can flow through our body.

What Stones are on a chakra bracelet?


  1. Rock crystal

crown chakra

– radiating EFFECT (e.g. earth rays and water veins)

– releases energy blockages – mood brightener

and energy donor

 2.Rose quartz

heart chakra

– radiating effect from electrosmog

– relieves heartache and lovesickness

– protects the soul from injuries

  1. Amethyst

forehead chakra

– neutralizes negative energies

– cleansing effect on thoughts and feelings

– calming effect on nerves and heart

  1. Amethyst-quartz

forehead chakra

– inspires the intuition

– strengthens one’s steadfastness

– protects against sleep disturbances

  1. Sodalite

Neck & Forehead Chakra

– opens the third eye

– unblocks

– ensures emotional balance

  1. Chalcedony

Neck Chakra

– strengthens self-confidence

– relieves inhibitions and stage fright

– strengthens assertiveness

  1. Blue Amazonite

Heart Chakra

– activates creative properties

– strengthens tolerance and patience

– strengthens vitality & vitality

  1. Green Amazonite

heart chakra

– calm and foresight in everyday life

– freed from

greed and egoism – calms the nervous system

  1. light aventurine

heart chakra

– promotes self-determination

– frees from fears and psychosomatic disorders

– promotes optimism and ambition

  1. Aventurine

heart chakra

– gives humor and serenity

– strength for a positive attitude towards life

– recognizes deep-lying blockages

  1. Prehnit

solar plexus chakra

– clears our soul

– activates self-healing powers

– promotes Ability to relax

  1. Citrine Solar Plexus


– opens heart and soul to new things

– strengthens expressiveness

– helps to create wealth

  1. Light carnelian

root & sacral chakra

– promotes vitality and senses

– strengthens one’s own needs

– stimulating effect in love life

  1. Dark carnelian

root & sacral chakra

– gives courage and stamina

– strengthens the joy of life

– helps to a realistic worldview

  1. Moonstone

sacral chakra

– promotes lightheartedness

– strengthens feelings

– stimulates the lust for life

  1. Labradorite

root -Chakra

– protects the aura from loss of energy

– helps with meditation

– helps to achieve subtle harmony


The balance bracelet – the ideal gift

For a good friend, for someone who is important to you, for someone to whom you really want to give something very special . Also ideal as a birthday present or a valuable surprise  for Christmas . Can there be anything better than giving away a wish-fulfillment?

The balance bracelet perfectly complements the wish fulfillment bracelet , the wealth ring , the ring for well-being and the  partnership ring .

What is the shortcut to activate the seven chakras?

 Bring yourself to a happy place. Visualize a heart blessing or a flower opening for each of your chakras. When done with intention, deep and conscious breaths can restore your chakras as well. Each inhales directs energy to your chakra, while each exhale allows awareness to settle into your chakras.

How to stimulate your chakras ? 

Root chakra is best stimulated by food such as beetroot, strawberries, radishes, tomatoes, and chili. The best crystals to stimulate the root chakra are red calcite, black onyx and red jasper. The Solfeggio healing frequency for this chakra is 396 Hz.

The sacral chakra is stimulated by orange-colored foods such as papaya, mango, pumpkin, honey, orange, and cantaloupe. To heal this chakra it uses amber, tiger’s eye, carnelian and orange calcite crystals. The healing frequency of the sacral chakra is 417 Hz.

The solar plexus is stimulated when you eat sunny-colored fruits such as bananas, apricots and pineapples. Crystals that are yellowish like lemon quartz, yellow jasper, and lemon will help stimulate the solar plexus. The Solfeggio frequency for the solar plexus is 528 Hz. The healing frequency at 528 Hz is also known as the love frequency.

Chakra Hearts loves greens and lettuce, kale, bean sprouts and broccoli. Foods like tofu, brown rice, and lentils are also good food for your heart chakra. Crystals like rose quartz, rhodonite, jade, peridot, and green calcite are beneficial to the heart chakra. The Solfeggio healing frequency for the heart chakra is 639 Hz.

The fifth chakra is the best food in the throat to release energy and open this chakra are dragon fruit, ginseng, kelp, mushrooms, wheat, grass and berries, blackberries. The healing powers of crystals such as turquoise, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and amazonite can open the heart chakra. The healing frequency for the throat chakra is 741 Hz.

Deeply colored purple foods such as grapes, eggplant, black currents, plums, purple carrots, and purple lettuce will help open your third eye. Crystals such as amethyst, purple fluorite, moldavite, and black obsidian can stimulate a blocked third eye. To open the Third Eye, use the Solfeggio 852 Hz healing frequency during meditation.

The crown chakra is stimulated by prayer and meditation, fasting and drinking only juices. One needs to drink plenty of water and meditate daily. The best crystals to use for the crown chakra are amethyst, clear quartz, selenite, and diamonds. The Solfeggio frequency of 963 Hz will open the corona chakra, while 432 Hz will bring clarity of mind and unlock intuition.

How does the healing frequency work ?

Healing by frequency synchronizes the brain waves to achieve deep states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibrational frequencies of cells in our body.

Sound healing can help clear energy blockages and thus facilitate healing on a physical and mental level.

This sound is called resonance, which is the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Each part of our body has its own natural resonance, and frequency vibration medicine relies on the premise that disease is the result of those natural resonances that we cannot withstand – whether due to stress, disease, or environmental factors.

You can either break up non-standard frequencies with “destructive resonance” or resonate them back to their natural harmonic state.

Contrary to the very focused and fast vibrations used in ultrasound (technology already used in hospitals to break up kidney stones and check the health of fetuses, e.g. with ultrasound), sound therapy works more gently – but just as strongly – to restore the body’s own vibrations to their natural states .

In her article, “Sound Healing With Tibetan Bowls,” first published by the Holistic Health Network, Mandle writes that her clients experienced “pain and discomfort relief, sinus cleansing, recovery from depression, [improvement] the ability to sleep, revitalize and clarity, feel good, feel deeply connected and make deep personal transformation. “

How will I know if my Root Chakra is balanced or blocked?

Anxiety in the Root chakra can lead to anxiety about constipation: Muladhara is indeed linked to excretory capacity, with the faculty eliminating what you no longer need. Lower back, leg or leg pain problems can be signs of an imbalance.

Emotionally, inequality leads to fear of lack, leading to reservations (too many!), To accumulate supplies and material goods. Eating disorders may be linked to imbalance in Muladhara.

Conversely, when the Root chakra is balanced, you feel anchored and centered, even if the circumstances are unstable. You feel that you have enough, that you have what it takes to meet your physical and emotional needs: you have the feeling of being safe and “in your place”.

The Root chakra is the first chakra, the one that serves as the basis for all the others: when Muladhara is balanced, it becomes a solid foundation for the balance and development of the best chakras for him.

Can opening chakra be harmful?

In order for one’s chakra to be balanced, one must ensure that one gets as much energy in the areas of life that the chakra symbolizes, ie balance between physical activity (the lower chakras) and mental activity (the upper chakras) and a balance between giving and receiving.

In each chakra there is an inward and outward energy vortex, where one exhales and inhales energy from the environment and other people, and it must also be in balance.

To open and the chakra close 

It depends on what you pay attention to, whether you close or open the chakra. That is, when we engage in something physical such as cleaning or running, we have the lower chakras activated and we meditate, the upper chakras are automatically activated. There are many who believe that you can close the chakra, and it is very important that we do not do that because then we also close our influx of energy.

It happens, for example, people who work a lot of publishing, that they start to distance themselves and then they close their intake of energy at the same time and then you risk burnout. Then it is better to fade out from the other so that you no longer focus on what you had an open chakra against. Man has regulated this by opening and closing the chakra for many thousands of years without our help. The biggest problem I see today is that people all too often have closed chakras and do meditations when closing the chakras, I have seen in some cases can be dangerous for the physical body, which in the long run gets less energy without us noticing it.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is the practice of using crystals and gemstones to heal, activate and protect the mind and body. The gemstones used in crystal therapy can also work to restore balance, clarity and natural vibrational energies that have been compromised or depleted in a patient. Although crystal healing is considered an alternative medicine, it has been practiced for centuries and has its roots in ancient Egypt. China and India have also used crystals in healing rituals for more than 5,000 years.

It is believed that crystals can heal mind and body by influencing the vibration patterns of patients’ aura. The gemstones are said to carry their own vibrations and their energy can be applied to a body’s electromagnetic system for augmentation. In fact, crystal therapy aims to transfer the energy contained in the gemstone to a patient in need of the same energy.

The benefits of crystal healing can be achieved by rubbing gems on the patient and wearing beads close to the body or in a pocket next to the heart. However, many practitioners prefer to use the gemstones directly on chakra points or energy centers on the body. Using them in this way helps make it easier to cleanse, heal and stabilize the energy from each chakra. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet stones can be placed next to their correspondingly colored chakra or next to any chakra that can benefit from the healing properties of a particular stone.

Restoring the natural flow of energy helps the patient to shake off negative habits, attitudes and other factors that hinder a patient’s functioning in everyday life. The use of metal is strongly discouraged while undergoing crystal healing, as metal acts as an energy plug. Metal surrounding gemstones is particularly harmful because it interferes with the energy flow from gemstones. Because of this, patients who choose to wear gemstones as part of their crystal therapy buy jewelry with gemstones that are not encapsulated in metal or gold.