Because chakras are energetically connected, a blockage in one chakra can affect your entire well-being. That is why it is important to regularly cleanse and balance your chakras. Chakra crystals that resonate at the same frequency can help you with that.

How do chakra crystals work? 

There are crystals that correspond to each chakra individually that you can wear to achieve balance. But you must choose and wear them carefully. Chakra Crystals set can quickly absorb the energy. Therefore, the crystal will absorb all of your negative thoughts and reflect back on you later. Crystals also absorb a person’s feelings. Therefore, if you spend most of your time with ill-tempered, unhappy, or depressed people, your crystal will absorb those feelings and pass them on to you later.

On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time with enthusiastic, progressive, happy people, your crystal will also absorb those feelings and reflect on you. It is best to wear the crystal under your clothes, against the skin. This helps against the negative energy of others. Some people wear the crystal in a pouch around their neck for the same reason. But this is less effective than wearing it in contact with your skin. You should regularly clean the crystals, especially if they have accumulated a lot of negative energy. Rinse them under cold running water for a minute. While doing this, keep your crystal pointed down. It is not surprising that the crystals for each chakra are usually chosen for their color.

Therefore, a red crystal helps the root chakra and an orange crystal supports the sacral chakra. Many people wear quartz crystals. All chakras are meant to be beneficial because healer crystal corresponds to light, which creates all colors. Therefore, clear quartz crystals can heal the body indirectly, providing all the colors it takes to provide.

Root chakra 

Red Garnet: Wear below the waist.

Black lava glass: To ground

Smoky Quartz: Good for psychological, emotional and physical blockages

Sacral chakra 

Tiger Eye: Provides strength, stamina and courage

Carnelian: Enhances virility and reduces tension

Solar chakra 

Citrine: Helps concentration and reduces worry

Malachite: A green stone that releases emotional trauma and causes joy

Heart chakra 

Green Jade: Provides love, warmth and wisdom

Pink Quartz: Helps to love and nurture yourself

Green Aventurine: Stone of the dreamer, gives independence and great ideas

Throat chakra 

Sodalite: Helps self-expression

Azurite: Promotes spiritual awakening

Forehead chakra 

Lapis lazuli: Helps spirituality, use with caution as it makes some people dizzy

Fluorite: Restores body after emotional shocks

Crown chakra 

Amethyst: Powerful protector

Purple Fluorite: Restores the body and gives spiritual awareness

Sugilite: gives a sense of purpose

Clear Quartz: Contains the entire rainbow and helps all chakras

How to Balance Your Chakras with Crystals? 

Your thoughts, actions and emotions are thought to affect your chakras. As you go through life, they can become unbalanced. It is believed that crystals can be used to balance your chakras. You can put the crystals on your body, wear them, or carry them around. The frequency of balancing will depend on your needs. Pay attention to your signs so you know when you need to get a balance. While these practices have been found by many to be useful, it is important to note that no scientific research or evidence supports these practices to be effective in treating physical or psychological issues. If you have difficulties with your physical or mental health.

Choosing Your Crystals 

Choose crystals for your root chakra. It is located at the base of your spine and is your connection to land, family, survival, health and progress. If this chakra is not balanced you may experience lack of confidence, loneliness, depression, anxiety, addiction, low back pain, lower body pains and strains, constipation or diarrhea, and water retention.

Red or black crystals like garnet, ruby, and black tourmaline are preferred.

Choose crystals for your sacral chakra. It is also located at the base of your spine and is your connection to others, confidence, creativity, energy levels, and sexual health. If this chakra is out of balance you may have eating disorders, low sex drive, sexual disorders, menstrual cycle problems, urinary tract infections, infertility, and problems with your intestines.

Orange crystals like carnelian, orange calcite, and orange garnet are good.

Get crystals for your solar plexus. It is located at your diaphragm and is your connection to your emotions, desires, self-feeling and self-control. If this chakra is not balanced you may experience insomnia, trouble concentrating and remembering things, fear, sugar addiction, digestive problems, acne, eczema, diabetes, obesity and metabolic issues.

Use yellow crystals such as citrine, yellow jasper, and golden calcite to gain balance.

Choose crystals for your heart chakra. It is located in the same place as your physical heart and is the core of your being and all your other chakras. It is your connection to love, relationships, forgiveness, trust and safety. If this chakra is not balanced you may feel hopeless, apathetic, unable to forgive, commitment issues, respiratory problems, shoulder pain, and upper back pain.

Green or pink crystals such as rose quartz, green fluorite, and roseochrosite are preferred.

Choose crystals for throat chakra. It is located at the base of your throat and is your connection to your communication, freedom and leadership. If this chakra is out of balance you may have difficulty communicating, being nervous, having trouble coping, sinus problems, jaw pain, thyroid problems, and throat and dental problems.

Light blue crystals such as blue lace agate, turquoise, and kyanite blue will work.

Choose crystals for your third eye / brow chakra. It is located just above your physical eyes and connects with your thoughts, intentions, dreams and psychic abilities. If this chakra is not balanced you may experience headaches, nightmares, learning difficulty, brain disorders, eye problems, ear problems, and scalp and hair issues.

Try dark blue crystals like blue tigers eye, lapis, and dumortierite for balance.

Laying on crystals 

Rinse your crystals. Before you start balancing, rinse your crystals under running cold water. This eliminates any contaminants. You can also take notes and write down how you feel before the balancing process.

These crystals should only be used for balance. It may only help to have a set of 7 crystals that you use to balance yourself.

Relax and prepare to balance your chakras. Go to a quiet place and lie on your back (or stomach if you apply crystals to your root chakra, as this can be difficult and uncomfortable). Take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly to relax. You can also set the mood with anything else you feel relaxed like music, nature sounds, or the sound of running water.

As you inhale, imagine that you are breathing a healing white light. As you exhale, imagine that you are breathing all your stress and negative emotions.

Your energy is connected to your thoughts. It is important to have positive thoughts while trying to balance your chakras.

Place the crystal on your chakra. Take the crystal that corresponds to your chakra and place it on that chakra. The energy of the crystal will restore vibration and balance. Imagine the crystal shimmering and spreading across your chakra.

Wrap quartz crystals around your colored crystal to intensify the effect. Quartz crystals activate your body’s energy centers and have the power to modify the energy present.

Your symptoms may get worse after you put the crystals on your body. This is all the bad energy working its way out and this is the beginning of your healing process.  Research source

You can apply the crystals directly on your skin or on top of your clothes.

Start at the root and work your way up. Place the crystals of the crown chakra just above your head instead of directly on your head.

Let the crystals work. The crystals work alone. You don’t need to do anything extra. Leave them in place for between five and 10 minutes, and then evaluate how you feel. Make mental or handwritten notes about your signs. If you feel more balanced, remove the crystals. If you do not feel better, leave the crystals on for another five to 10 minutes.

If you have a long-term obstruction (e.g. chronic pain or long-term depression), it may take more than one session to balance your chakra. Focus on making small improvements instead of achieving full balance in one session.

How to use the stones on the seven chakras 

I recommend that you buy a ready-made stone kit or choose the stones that you think are right for you for the harmonization of one or more chakras. You have to take the stone and place it on the chakra of your interest. You can do the treatment lying down. Close your eyes, focus on your breath and visualize the energy of the stone on the chakra. She then does all the work.

In addition, you can use necklaces, bracelets and rings designed precisely to harmonize the energy centers. They are jewels with seven stones set, one for each chakra.

Wearing and carrying your crystals 

Sleep with a chakra bag. Clean your crystals and place them in a small bag. This bag should only be used to hold your crystals. Put the bag under your headset when you go to sleep at night.

Before you go to sleep, ask the stones to give you balance while you sleep.

Make your crystals. You can carry your crystals with you as you go about your day. You can carry all seven of your crystals with you, or you can only carry a few that you want to focus on. Place the crystals as close to your body as you can.

For example, if you have problems in a relationship, you may carry rose quartz or green fluorite crystals around you to balance your heart chakra.

You can carry your crystals with you all day or in a specific situation. For example, if you are dealing with concerns about a presentation you have to make, you may keep a garnet (root chakra) and turquoise crystals (throat chakra) in your pocket during your presentation. The garnet will help you with your confidence and the turquoise can help you with your communication.

Wear crystal jewelery. Buy a necklace or bracelet made of crystal that you need for balance. As you wear the crystals, the crystals will transmit the energy you need. Again, you can wear the jewelery all day or just for a certain amount of time.

Before wearing your jewelery, place them on a bed of salt to remove any contaminants.

You should also register your jewelery before you wear it. Hold it in your hand and think of all the positive energy you want the crystals to bring to your life.

Chakra colors 

If you have already dealt with the chakra doctrine, you will know that the 7 (main) chakras are represented by the following colors:

Red (root chakra)

Orange (sacral chakra)

Yellow (solar plexus chakra)

Green (heart chakra)

Blue (throat chakra)

Indigo (third eye chakra)

Violet (crown chakra)

If you understand how colors affect us in everyday life, you can take advantage of this to better heal your chakras. We offer you the ultimate tool with which you will not only learn to deal with your chakras better, but also how you can use the colors in a targeted manner in your everyday life.

Crystals by Alphabet 


Arthritis, osteoarthritis, hearing, hair, heart, homesickness, vision, headache, skin diseases, feverish, infections, calm down, moon disease (sleep walking), relax, ringing in the ears, poisoning, weight loss, lactation


blood loss, heart pains (distress), skin formation, exertion, spasms, epilepsy, menstrual complaints, boils, stagnant contractions


Occipital pain, anxiety psychoses, osteoarthritis, migraine, burns, drug addiction, vision, anti-hallucinations, stress, headache, diaphragm, panic, drift, infection, maternity fever, stage fright, dropsy, marriage, insomnia, neuroses, varicose veins, perspiration, absent-mindedness, sweaty feet, blood diseases , swelling, against venereal diseases, color blindness.


Abscesses, allergy, bronchitis, eczema, vision, neck disorders, cough pain, hay fever, skin formation, youthfulness of the eye, rash, preservation, jaw disorders, thyroid, throat, throat disorders, mouth, toothache, glandular disorders, liver, stomach pain, melancholy, miscarriage, occurrence, eye diseases , sinusitis, insomnia, induce taste, dental abscesses, get teeth, colds, strengthen solar plexus


acne, bladder problems, eczema, gonads, heart problems, hay fever, skin disorders, rash, skin diseases, nose bleeds


anxiety, asthma, basedow’s disease, cystitis, angry look, bronchitis, depression, deafness, phobias, facial rose, flu, heart disease, goiter, malaria, ear, ear infection, earache, rheumatism, thyroid, teeth, getting teeth, colds, confusion, fear.

Rock crystal

abscesses, acne, angina pectoris, arthritis, aura protection, abdominal cramps, intestinal cramps, depression, diarrhea, dizziness, eczema, energy blockages, imbalance, patience, heart, hernia, headache, cancer, cramps, menstruation, diaphragm, kidneys, lumbago, colds, fatigue, constipation, motion sickness, seasickness, nervousness, lactation, strengthen solar plexus


jaundice, mouth, eyesight, heart strengthening, jaw disorders, croup, mind, willpower

Blue Chalcedony

hoarseness, melancholy, thyroid disorder, vocal cord problems

Red coral

whooping cough, colic


facial pain, blood poisoning, blood circulation, blood pressure too low, circulatory system diseases, blood poisoning, blood purifying, angry look, blood circulation disorders, energy blockages, lack of energy, resignation, lethargy, joint diseases, impotence, infection, feverish infections, sciatica, calm, antipyretic, cramp, antipyretic, , infertility, ear infection, rheumatism, rheumatism nerve pain, varicose veins, digestion, digestive disorders, diabetes, wounds, nerve pain, melancholy, ulcers


resignation, bleeding, depression, hair loss, palpitations, skin fissures, hypnosis, calcium deficiency, poisoning, foot perspiration, chilblains, winter feet, wounds, sucking, sweaty feet


blood circulation, strengthening circulation, arousing taste, diabetes, strengthening mind, nervous system


raise awareness, bleeding, styptic, diamond, poisoning, self-awareness


poisoning, self-awareness, strengthening of personality


blood pressure lowering, skin irritation (itching), sensorimotor disturbance (sensory defect), sunburn


mental confusion

Leopard jasper

cystitis, bladder problems, intestinal complaints, bile ailments, gallstones, skin diseases, skin diseases, liver ailments, scars, kidney dysfunction, digestive disorders, stone formation.

Yellow Topaz

growth, heart blood vessels, varicose veins, thrombosis, nervousness Garnet: contamination, depression, give energy, heart, cardiac arrhythmias, skin diseases, promote inspiration, anger, inflammation, self-confidence, weakness.

Green Aventurine

itching, heart problems, stress, rash

Green Tourmaline


improve fitness.


hemorrhoids, bladder, bladder stones, intestinal cramps, intestinal tightening, dreams, high blood pressure, insect bites, stomach, nosebleeds, poisoning, injuries.


blood poverty, anemia, blood cell formation, haemorrhage, styptic, cell structure, meningitis, sleeping problems, sciatica, antipyretic, cramps, calf cramps, menstruation, bloodshot eye, regeneration, back pain, spasms, cramps, weakness, ulcers.


stroke, bladder, bladder problems, anemia, styptic, bile disorder, infection, liver, stomach, stomach pain, kidneys, inflammation of the kidneys, smell, weight loss, pregnancy vomiting


whooping cough


blood pressure lowering, throat disorders, respiratory tract, feeling exhausted.

Landscape jasper

bladder problems, intestinal complaints, skin diseases, liver ailments, kidney dysfunction

Lapis Lazuli

stroke, blood health, anemia, blood pressure too high, blood purifying, depression, eczema, epilepsy, hair, hair loss, heart, high blood pressure, nervous headaches, toothache, spleen, nervousness, sleep, nerve pain.

How do you activate chakra crystals set? 

 How to activate your crystal. If your stone feels heavier than expected — like it’s lost its shine — it may benefit from a little energetic activation. Try lending it some of your own energy by speaking to it, singing to it, or sending it some vital life force energy through your breath.

Yoga Chakras – Symptoms of Correct and Malfunctioning Chakras 

The symptoms of the proper functioning of the chakras are closely related to the specific functions performed by each of them:

the root chakra – when it functions properly, we keep our feet on the ground and we are financially resourceful, when it fails – we become too greedy for material goods or we are completely unable to cope with matters related to money;

sacral chakra – when it functions properly, we feel physically attractive and we have no problems with establishing contacts with the opposite sex, our urinary system and genitals work well, when it is defective – we have problems with the sexual sphere: we either cannot open ourselves to sex or we have sex him without love;

solar plexus chakra – when it functions properly, we feel calm and mental balance on a daily basis, when it is disturbed, e.g. due to stressful work, we are nervous, we get irritated quickly, we have problems with the stomach and spleen;

heart chakra – when it functions properly, our heart and thymus work healthily, and we can admire the world, we are empathetic, we can bestow affection for others; disturbances in the functioning of the heart chakra lead to the inability to enter into a long-term relationship, focus on oneself and one’s negative emotions;

the throat chakra – when it functions properly, we have no problems communicating with other people – when we speak, we clearly express our thoughts; if her work is disturbed, there are problems with speaking and patiently listening to the other person;

third eye chakra – people in whom it works properly have a very developed intuition, they can see what kind of aura surrounds a given person; those who suffer from disturbances in the functioning of the third eye chakra are not so sensitive to signals coming from reality or from other people;

crown chakra – a person in whom the crown chakra works properly, chakra crystal for beginners is reconciled with himself and with the world – welcomes each day with joy, feels connected with the universe and the divine essence, while those who experience disturbances in its functioning feel constant fear, especially before death, they are closed to spiritual matters.