Chakra Earrings can be used for divination, mediation, Reiki charging. It is also good for users who want to balance, clear their chakra, and facilitate wise decision making.

Authentic 7 Chakra Healing Crystal Earrings [ 2020 ]

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What does chakra earrings do? 

 The 7 chakra stud earrings represents 7 spiritual powers in the human body, including the physical elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether (space), the elements of light and cosmic energy.

With the 7 chakra stone earrings , you have the force of the universe within you and healing power that can aid your vitality and help you get what you need. The chakra necklace reduces stress, fear, anger, resentment, and other negative emotions.

What do chakra crystal earrings symbolize?

The word chakra, which means disk or wheel, derives from a classic Indian language: Sanskrit. The seven chakras symbolize the main energy centers of people, which are arranged along the spine. Each chakra embodies a blooming stage of the lotus flower and represents an energy center that communicates body and spirit through energy channels. However, the seven chakras are necessary for the human spirit to find full balance.

Crown chakra 

This chakra, which is also called Sahasrāra – multiplied by a thousand in Sanskrit – symbolizes spirituality, consciousness and is the center of enlightenment. When fully deployed and freed from all disturbing elements, this chakra, which embodies the thousand-petalled lotus, allows for deep inner peace. This energy center is mainly assigned the color white, which enhances it in a fantastic way. The corresponding jewelry with milky quartz also reinforces this energetic center.

Forehead chakra 

The Ājñā chakra –ājñā means perception – primarily embodies perception, intuition and willpower. It also stimulates fantasy and enhances lucidity and the ability to concentrate. Meditation can support this energy center, which is inspired by the 96-petal lotus. The forehead chakra is chromatically assigned the violet tones, which in the corresponding THOMAS SABO jewels are reproduced with elegant amethysts.

Throat chakra  

The so-called Viśuddha chakra–viśuddhi means purify– reinforces expression, communication and inspiration, while embodying the 16-petalled lotus. It also stimulates mental strength and translates into great eloquence. The sky blue topaz used in corresponding THOMAS SABO jewelery also powers this energy center.

Heart chakra  

The heart chakra, which embodies the twelve-petalled lotus, is also called the Anāhata chakra. In Sanskrit Anāhata is equivalent to ‘inside, unharmed’. It symbolizes love, relationships, affection and compassion and, simultaneously, sincerity and tolerance. The more developed this chakra is, the easier it is to overcome selfish thoughts and actions and take charge of other people’s situation. Chromatically, this chakra is represented by green, which in the jewels of the Fine Jewelery collection is embodied in an expressive green gold quartz.

Solar plexus chakra 

The so-called Manipūra chakra stimulates the will, personality and wisdom. The word manipūra means city of jewels and evokes the ten-petalled lotus. The solar plexus chakra provides self-confidence, serenity, restful sleep, and simultaneously brings energy and vitality. It can be reinforced by the color yellow, which in THOMAS SABO Fine Jewelery is echoed with brilliant yellow quartz.

Sacral chakra 

The so-called Svādhisthāna chakra emphasizes creativity, eroticism and the capacity for enthusiasm. Svādhisthāna can be translated from Sanskrit as sweetness and softness and embodies the six-petal lotus. The color that reinforces this chakra is orange, which in THOMAS SABO jewelery is represented by an expressive citrine gold.

Root chakra 

This chakra is also called the Mūlādhāra chakra –mūlādhāra means root support– and fosters instinct, stability, and the ability to assert yourself, as well as deep basic confidence. An open and unobstructed root chakra roots and balances, while providing physical strength and vitality. This chakra, which pays tribute to the four-petalled lotus, is represented by the color red, which is embodied in THOMAS SABO jewelery by a vivid red garnet.

What are the 7 Chakra frequencies?

Each CHAKRA influences a particular organ or one of the main glands of our body, therefore they are very important points because acting on these energy centers, the CHAKRAS, it is possible to influence and regulate the specific function of the body dominated by each one of they.


By applying the appropriate color, whose wavelength (AND VIBRATORY FREQUENCY in Hz) is the key to the CHAKRA that need help, the unbalanced wavelength is rebalanced. In this way, it helps to activate the regenerative processes within the cells of the body for well-being. WELLNESS, in fact, means WELL BALANCED.

The functions of each Chakra frequency are: 

– 174 hz Star of the Soul (Aura). Eliminate physical pain and general relaxation.

– 285 hz Star of the Earth (Aura). Helps in the healing of organs and tissues.

– 396 hz Root Chakra (Muladhara). Frequency to release fear and guilt.

– 417 hz Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana). Frequency to undo situations and facilitate changes.

– 528 hz Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura). Frequency for transformation. DNA repair.

– 639 hz Heart Chakra (Anahata). Frequency for connection and relationships.

– 741 hz Throat Chakra (Vishuddha). Frequency for communication and creativity.

– 852 hz Third Eye Chakra (Ajna). Frequency to activate clairvoyance, intuition …

– 936 hz Crown Chakra (Sahasrara). Frequency to return to spiritual order.

The Chakra Frequencies harmonize you holistically, your mind is completely calm and more lucid, your emotions are stable without great ups and downs, your body is anchored to the ground and you feel physically centered and light, the pains disappear or decrease, you need to eat and sleep less since you do not spend as much energy and you have a greater flow, they provide great inner peace, keep you healthy, with a strong immune system by raising your vibration and allow you to direct your life towards your goals more precisely.

Discover how you must open your chakras to activate them?

When one chakra closes, the loss of this energy is compensated for by the functioning of another, which opens more. This situation produces an imbalance, at the level of emotions or at the level of the functioning of feelings. This is because the chakras become hyperactive. Therefore, the first thing we must know is that, if we open our chakras, we will be closing the activity of the rest a little. Next we will discover how the spiritual chakras should be opened step by step. Take note!

1.Know what the chakras are 

 In total there are 7 chakras, and each of them is divided into 7 parts, and these into 7 different parts, and so on indefinitely. Each chakra is located in a part of the body and governs an area of our life. If we want to open the chakras, the first thing we must do is know what they are and what effects they have.

They are located from the highest part of the head to the lower parts of the body. It is important that you have a very explicit knowledge of what these 7 channels are, where they are located and also what they affect. The chakra that affects the emotions will not be the same as the one that governs the initiative. Therefore, opening the chakras is a task that requires a deep knowledge for everything to go well.

2.Discover which chakra you want to open 

 The chakras are a key aspect of Buddhist meditation, that is why knowledge of the chakras is essential and if something goes wrong you should first identify where you have the blockage. When you know the chakra you want to open, you will also have to define for what purpose you want to open it, so that you improve the energy that flows in your body.

3.Activate the energy in the chakra 

 Thus, to activate the energy you will have to use mudras, which are hand positions that are used to open these energy channels. On the other hand, you will also have to help yourself with certain chants, which are based on sounds in Sanskrit letters. Through mudras we can activate energy in the body. Its meaning is producers of joy and they work, since certain nerve terminals are found in the fingers and by joining the fingers, we create energy centers in our body.

4.Practice meditation 

 A meditation will help you open your chakras. To do this, find a comfortable place, a place where you will not have distractions. Afterward, find a comfortable posture and do a meditation that can last between 7 and 10 breaths.

It is important that you do not feel nervous or stressed when you go to open the chakras. In doing so, it is essential that you have done a meditation and are in a state of peace. If you try to open the chakras when you feel great discomfort or with selfish feelings, you will not achieve anything. Practices like reiki or yoga can help you open the chakras.(uk , australia)