From ancient knowledge and powerful energy, we create our chakra jewelry. Chakra jewelry to activate your chakras, provided with the power of the Sanskrit symbols and the healing energy of the gemstone, support you. Wear our beautiful pendants during your yoga practice, during meditation. They accompany you through the day.

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Chakra jewelry and its meaning 

According to Ayurvedic health teachings (India), the seven main chakras (chakras) are important energy centers in our body, which connect us with our subtle elements and in which energy condenses. If they are charged and in motion, we feel happy and balanced, are powerful and flexible, want to break new ground, say very clearly what we want and what not … we feel free and loved …

Real Chakra jewelry to harmonize our 7 main energy centers and to enjoy being. Each chakra has its own corresponding area, which extends to our physical condition as well as to our mental and spiritual well-being. If a chakra is not supplied with enough energy or is even blocked, we may feel exhausted, have a cold, are in pain …

Sometimes this so-called energy deficiency manifests itself as a disease, which is always the current state of the body that wants to be healed. Of course, conventional medicine intervenes in severe cases and emergencies … but you can do so much more for your physical and mental well-being, for example by devoting yourself to your chakras, becoming aware of the energy blockages, and you can do so via chakra gemstone therapy, Reiki, energetic exercises and also healing symbols, which have been working for people since ancient times, replenish their chakra energy centers! a wonderful wellness therapy …

We at chakrapray have been working in this energetic health area for 9 years, have had a lot of positive experiences, and have been able to hear even more wonderful stories from people who have had positive experiences with authentic chakra jewelry

It is therefore a great pleasure for us to introduce you to our most beautiful chakra jewelry, not to forget the fashionable aspect of these special bracelets, earrings, rings and chains: they just look so adorable!

What are the benefits of wearing a Chakra bracelet?

 Wearing a Chakra necklace jewelry is certainly attractive in their own right . The seven chakra crystals or stones the chakra jewelry symbolize the seven energy points in the human body : solar plexus , throat , heart , sacral , brow ,crown

What does handmade chakra jewelry do?In yoga and meditation it refers to the whole body wheel being converted into whole body energy. There are seven major chakras that align the spine, starting at the bottom of the spine and working up from the top of the head.

Stopping and promoting the correct flow of energy. Keeping your chakras open can be a little tricky at first, but it isn’t that difficult once you are aware of it, and since the seven colored stones reflect different chakras, you can use this bracelet to get your attention to yours Keeping chakras open and healthy. By making each chakra aware, we can restore balance in the body.

The type of bracelet you wear depends on the resistance of the stone 

If you are an alcoholic or suffer from an illness, unbearable pain or emotional problems, you will often find that this bracelet plays an important role in your healing process. It motivates the wearer to be optimistic and helps them cope with problems that arise. It helps people get away from their problems and focus on the best course of action for the future.

The energy of the universe flows out of the human body according to the scenarios we are in, and the parts of life represented by the seven stones of the chakra have an equally important meaning in our lives.

To get the most out of your chakra healing, you need to be careful when wearing your bracelet. The bracelet must be kept in order and in good condition, and other debris must be removed so as not to disrupt the energy. At Guru Bracelet, we have heard a lot of happy reactions from customers who bought their first Chakra jewelry.

According to the Tibetan tradition, there are only seven wheels in the body that reach from the bottom of the spine to the crown of the heart and keep turning so that the flow of energy in your system can flow upwards. Every state of the human body is related to the chakras.

All chakras are connected to different organs of the human body and are related to different parts of the human body that can affect health. When some of these chakras are affected, the energy cannot flow freely and physical and psychological obstacles arise. It is important to open and release these wheels for them to work as intended. The chakras can be blocked by fear, diet or lack of training.

All the facts about the chakra bracelet

Do Chakra bracelets really work?Chakra bracelets belong to chakra jewelry set and thus also to yoga jewelry . That is, they don’t just look pretty and adorn the wrist. They also have a special function: the bracelets help to open the blocked chakras – or at least help with it.

Chakra stones as healing and precious stones 

So they are aids in energy work . The chakra stones play an important role . These are attached to the bracelet. Which and how many healing and precious stones are attached to a piece of jewelry is decided by personal taste and the goal of the energy work. A single stone can be attached as a special pendant for a specific chakra.

There are also bracelets that cover all seven main chakras with their selection of stones. In this case, the chakra bracelet usually appears in the colors that are assigned to the individual chakras.

How to strengthen the chakra

If you want to strengthen a special chakra , you should rely on the gemstone that is assigned to this chakra. So every stone has its very own meaning. You don’t have to worry that something can go wrong when making your choice. Chakra stones are purely positive.

Chakra bracelet: how to clean it

Healing and precious stones need cleaning every now and then. Here, too, care is required, as not every stone requires the same care. In many cases, however, it is mainly clear water or the light of the full moon that is recommended for cleaning.

What is a Chakra? 

The word chakra means a vortex, spinning wheel or circle that implies the movement of energy at the various energy centers or pools of energy in a circular fashion. Anatomically, they do not exist in our physical body, but can be felt to correspond to a particular area / part of the physical body with no sharp point. Most important chakras respond to the sites of the spin and the large nerve ganglia in our physical body. Chakras are pools of energy that balance, store and distribute the energies to various subtle bodies. They are typically used for healing, relaxation, vitality, transformation and awakening.

Energy Science and Chakra 

The whole science of hatha yoga and kriya yoga is based on energy, body energy, energy centers, energy pathways / paths, and latent energy source. Working deeper on energy bodies and energy centers is of particular value in many yogic traditions and paths to exploring subtle bodies and higher consciousness. So there is an extensive description of yoga path and tantra path of chakras, kundalini and nadis. These yogic traditions have developed many specialized practices based on posture, gesture, movement, lock, breathing, concentration, meditation etc. To open, activate and experience them.