With the help of chakra pendant necklace, the wearer can keep chakras open and replace negative thoughts with an optimistic outlook on life.

Mens Chakra necklace to Heal Your 7 Chakra

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What are the benefits of wearing a Authentic Chakra Necklace? 

When 7 Chakra Necklace are worn, it helps to keep the seven Chakras at their right energy levels causing the wearer to feel more balanced. With the help of the chakra necklace Jewelry, the wearer can concentrate on keeping the chakras open and replace negative thoughts with an optimistic outlook on life.

This allowed them to work on different aspects of their being and psyche in a much more localized way depending on the objective or goal they wanted to achieve. Whether at the level of bodily, emotional or psychic control, up to the possibility of reaching higher states of consciousness.

Therefore, they became necessary tools for a deeper self-knowledge and the ability to evolve as Being; no longer starting from the perspective of a Whole, but from the ability to develop each of the facets individually and identify those that require more attention.

How do the Chakras Necklace do ? 

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and our body is no exception. There is denser energy, matter, and less dense energy such as astral or spiritual. Both energies are basic and vital for the development of our life and survival.

The necklace jewelry consisting of stones help in perspectives to provide a balance and stability to the human body. Chakra jewelry boosts your self-confidence, self-assurance, and communication skills by cleansing your mind to remove the confusion in mind and give you a better outlook of your surroundings.

Starting from the idea that the universe is holographic in which every manifestation of the  Macrocosm is expressed in the same way in the Microcosm; The chakras stone necklace are small portals that help to tune the corresponding energies of the Macrocosm to the same level as our own Being.


Let’s take radio as an example.

Each station has different characteristics both in terms of agenda, language and thought. And each one of them carries out their performances in a recording studio located in a specific place.

However, we can all listen to all his music, actions, thoughts and intentions from that station live without leaving home. We just need a radio and tune in to the exact frequency of the station we want to listen to.

If our antenna is damaged or we cannot accurately tune the waves emitted by that station, the sound that will reach us will be distorted and we will not be able to enjoy your music, gatherings or information that characterizes that particular station.

What stones are in a 7 chakra pendant necklace? 

Chakra pendant stones activate or amplify the energy of the chakras. Here is a list to help you choose your healing crystal depending on the chakra you want to focus on:

1.Root chakra pendant stones: Red Coral, Ruby, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Agate, Black Tourmaline.

2.Sacral Chakra pendant Stones: Citrine Quartz, Carnelian, Moonstone, Coral

3.Solar Plexus Chakra pendant Stones: Malachite, Calcite, Citrine, Topaz

4.Heart Chakra pendant Stones: Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Calcite, Green ,Tourmaline

5.Throat chakra pendant stones: lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine

6.Third Eye Chakra pendant Stones: Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, Obsidian Black

7.Crown chakra pendant stones: selenite, clear quartz, amethysts, diamonds

How do you charge a mens chakra necklace? 

Charging a Chakra Crystal Necklace. The best way is to expose your crystal to moonlight or sunlight. You just need to charge crystals by placing them in a spot where they will receive direct sunlight or moonlight. Light will penetrate your chakra stone and fill it with positive energy.

What are the chakras ? 

The word Chakras has its origin in Sanskrit and its literal translation would be “WHEEL” symbolizing the spiral movement that turns through energy currents.

The chakras are centers of energy concentration distributed throughout the body, from where vital energies, prana, move and channel, using the nadis as conduits (energy channels).

Not only Hinduism makes mention and practice of it. Chinese medicine is also a great exponent of this energy philosophy. The acupuncture, tai-chi, chi Qung, and other disciplines are fully focused sanitation and purification of energies by manipulating these Nadi, where appropriate, the meridians, and therefore the chakras.

Chakras necklace pendant Jewelry maintenance and protection method:

 – Please don’t wear the necklace for a long time. You should replace your jewelry and avoid wearing it for a long time, especially during hot summer.

– Please avoid contact with chemicals; otherwise, the jewelry may corrode.

– Please avoid contact with water and do not wear it when showering or swimming. Otherwise, it will damage the jewelry and affect its shine.

– Needs frequent cleaning. Use a soft brush to clean the surface of the accessory and remove stains.

How many Chakras are there in the Body? 

It is said that there are 7 main Chakras distributed over the spine, ( Sushumna Nadi ) and 21 secondary Chakras distributed throughout the body, on which acupuncture usually works. Each Chakra has and develops specific qualities both physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The 7 main Chakras ordered from the base to the crown, are:

1.Root Chakra: Everything related to survival and basic functions. Vitality. Energy. Instinct

2.Sacral Chakras: Imagination. Sensuality. Sexuality. Creativity.

3.Stomach Chakras: Courage. Ego. Passion. Leadership.

4.Heart Chakra: Unconditional love. Compassion. 

5.Throat Chakras: Communication. Expansion. Understanding of past, present, and future.

6.Third Eye Chakras: Learning. Display. Telepathy. Hypnosis. chakras: Spirituality. Spiritual realization

IMPORTANT: These aspects mentioned are only a small portion of the magnitude and characteristic of each chakra. Later we will comment a little more deeply on the characteristics of each of them.

Why are the Chakras Important? 

Beyond the esoteric or spiritual idea that can be had, the Chakras are a unique tool for the development and evolution of every human being, opening a door to self-knowledge and offering an opportunity to improve those aspects that are weaker or necessary according to the moment, quality or interest with which you want to develop, whether from a spiritual, personal or work point of view.

Thus, both the writer, musician or painter as well as the executive, businessman or computer scientist, can develop concrete qualities for the benefit of their work, leisure and / or hobbies through conscious and concrete work on one of these energy centers,  Chakras.

Each Chakra develops a series of characteristics and qualities that govern our way of being, thinking and acting. Most of the time we usually determine our qualities, capacities, character and weaknesses as facts imprinted on our personality as Unique Beings. However, through the knowledge and implementation of this technology offered by the chakras, you will discover that everything you thought you were or worth will be altered at will through a series of specific practices focused on it.

How to Activate and Align the Chakras?  

First of all, you have to understand that the concept of activating and aligning are different aspects.

> Activate

 Although the activation of a chakra as such does not exist (the chakras are always active), with this statement we refer to the ability to work on the imbalance of a specific aspect within that chakra.

However, we must remember what was commented in the previous section on the Polarity of the Chakras, because without this information we may be working incorrectly by further enhancing one of the two facets, therefore creating a greater imbalance.

Once we have identified the chakra and the specific facet that we want to work on, there are many different techniques focused on activating and balancing that aspect of the specific chakra.

These techniques can be: 

 Prolonged practice of the Asanas corresponding to the activation and balance of that particular chakra. (Body Postures)

Meditation through the use of the Mantra of that specific Chakra (Repetition or absorption of a series of word or words in Sanskrit)

Meditation through the use of concrete music that activates that particular Chakra

Meditation through the use of the corresponding Yantra

Meditation through the use of the color corresponding to that aspect to work

Use of Pranayamas (breathing exercises) for the activation of the chakra and corresponding aspect.


You have to imagine the ascent of the Kundalini energy as the course of a river or stream of water that goes from the source, a spring, to the sea, consciousness.

If during the course of the river, it encounters blockages that prevent its flow, it will not be able to access all its strength.

The same happens when there are certain blockages in some chakras or energy axes in the body that do not allow the flow of energy correctly

Keep in mind that getting to this extreme requires a lot of conscious and constant practice. It is not something that can be carried out through alignment techniques such as the use of the pendulum, reiki, and others from several sessions.

It is true that these a priori techniques can favor the stability of certain chakras, however, it is quite unlikely that without an intense practice behind, the ultimate goal of the activation and alignment of the chakras will not be achieved: accessing a heightened state of consciousness through the upward flow of Kundalini energy.

What does a chakra bracelet do

According to an ancient philosophy from Buddhism and Hinduism , the seven Chakras of our body are seven energy points through which we channel the energy from everything around us. These energy points are distributed throughout our body in the form of a vertical line and each one of them represents an aspect of our life.

Each of the Chakras stabilizes and balances an important aspect in our life, from the material, spiritual, physical and mental. For the energy to flow smoothly, the Chakras must be harmonized . If for some reason there is no harmony between the Chakras or any of these points is blocked, the energy stops flowing, and therefore will negatively affect the point of our life associated with that Chakra.

Awakening and stimulating the chakras 

Awakening energy 

Sit or lie down, relax and clear your mind with the awareness of your breath. Focus your attention on your feet. Use your HANDS to move energy from your feet, through your legs, to the Base chakra. Imagine grabbing energy and pulling it through you. Imagine your HANDS are inside your legs as you do this. Use awareness of the breath as an aid in arousing energy. Raise the energy within you on the inhale, keep it on the exhale. Do this over and over again, drawing energy to the Base chakra for at least a few minutes. You may not feel anything during this exercise; even if you do, you are drawing in some amount of energy anyway, the amount of energy will increase as you practice.

Chakra stimulation 

Opening the chakra: You use your imaginary HANDS to do this. Imagine you are tearing a hole where the chakra is located. You don’t need to visualize anything, just feel it as if you are really doing it without looking at it. Chakras are immaterial, so we stimulate them without using any physical methods. We achieve this by focusing our attention on the chakra. You need a local mental opening, and that provides an image of the tearing. By shifting awareness onto the chakra and providing an image of opening it with your HANDS, you are directly stimulating the chakra. Before opening the chakras, do the energy awakening exercise.

1.The base chakra. Raise your energy to the Base chakra. Use HANDS to open it. Push the energy into it. Repeat this seven times.

2.The sacral chakra. Raise the energy from your feet, through the Base chakra, up to this chakra, open it and infuse it with energy. Repeat this three times.

Continue this all the way to the Forehead chakra, each time lifting energy from the feet and guiding it through all the lower chakras up to the one that is currently open, repeating this for each chakra three times.

Crown chakra. First bring energy to it as in the previous points. Open the chakra; it is much bigger than the others. Imagine you have a flat slice of bread in the center of the top of your head and you are tearing it apart WITH YOUR HANDS, or imagine that you are opening your scalp. Repeat the process two more times, starting with the feet. Try not to tense any muscles during this exercise.

The root chakra is the most important one that needs to be activated. It is the gateway to the Kundalini energy; until it is open, energy will not flow to the other chakras. I suggest that you devote most of your attention to this chakra early in your chakra exercise.

Some people feel nothing during the first months of working with the chakras, while for others certain sensations appear very quickly. It is an individual matter; lack of feeling should not discourage work. Stop and check. Check the health of your muscles during these exercises, and relax again if necessary. Your muscles will initially respond with tension automatically as you imagine energy being dragged through the body. But it’s all done in the mind, they can stay relaxed.

Feelings in the chakras 

they will depend on the level of their arousal, your abilities, the level of your concentration and relaxation. It can be mild heat, gentle pressure, slight throbbing, tickling, or a combination of all of these. Some of them, when activated, can provide other strange local sensations:

Base chakra – You may feel a burning sensation or a crease, as if you have spent too much time on a bicycle saddle. When the chakra is working properly, there will be a slight pulsation.

Solar Plexus Chakra – A brief shortness of breath may appear, which will make you hyperventilate. It will pass with time.

The heart chakra – deserves special attention because of the feelings of fear it can arouse. When she is agitated, her heart seems to beat at an impossible speed. Ignore it – it’s not your heart, but chakra pulsation. The heart rate does not change much during this exercise.

Throat chakra – You may feel a ‘lump’ in your throat.

Crown chakra – when open, thousands of soft, warm fingers seem to be massaging the entire top of the head. Buddhists call it the “Thousand Petal Lotus.”

You can have strong feelings in one chakra and nothing in the other. Concentrate on the lowest chakra without feeling – this will align your energy. If the energy is not balanced, the inactivity of one chakra may be the cause of failure during projection, i.e. you may partially free yourself but get stuck in the body near the inactive chakra. If this happens, next time focus on activating this chakra just before the projection.

Closing the chakras 

After any work with the chakras, it is important to close them, unless you are going to go into the astral projection. Locking in is especially important if you feel STRONG sensations in them. If you leave them open and return to your normal activities like this, you will bleed with energy, which can cause exhaustion and health problems. It may also attract the unwanted interest of various energy-hungry astral beings. To close chakras, just reverse the opening process until you feel nothing. Feel your mental hands closing the chakras and shifting energy downward. Spend more time doing this, the more active they are; exercise and eating also help to close them.

Meditation with the chakras 

Find a quiet, peaceful place and sit down. Straighten up and take a position that will allow you to stay motionless for fifteen or twenty minutes. Once you feel at peace within yourself, visualize a beam of white light penetrating your body through the top of your head with each breath. Follow that light down the spine in your mind. Feel the energy gathering at its base as you hold your breath. With each exhalation, visualize the energy flowing back up the spine. As energy passes through each chakra, it becomes darker as it collects impurities. Look at this. When the energy finally comes out the same way it came in, it’s already a dark, slimy color. Imagine this entire cycle several times, and each time the energy coming out of the crown chakra is more and more purified.

You can now move on to animating each chakra. (Keep your eyes closed at all times). The key in this meditation is breathing. Mystics know that with the breath you can absorb everything: love, clarity, wisdom, courage. Concentrate on the feeling and inhale its energy into your being. Hold your breath, counting slowly to four, and feel this energy filling you. Pull it in, hold it and let it fill you, then exhale and let it out. We will use colors in this meditation. In the same way: inhale the color, hold it inside so that it fills you thoroughly, and breathe it out as you see that color emanate from you.

The first chakr

Draw a beam of white light all the way to the base of the spine. Hold the light in the first chakra and imagine it turning into a juicy red. Hold your breath and focus your thoughts on the physical nature of your senses. Feel the passion, strength, physicality, courageous energy in you. As you exhale, radiate the red color and feel its strength. Repeat the cycle several times until you are completely immersed in the sensation of the first chakra.

The second chakra 

Again, as you breathe in, draw a beam of white light into the base of your spine. Then follow the energy into the second chakra, located just above the pubic mound. Visualize the energy going dark orange. While bathing in this color, feel the vitality and vitality in yourself. Feel your magnetism and confidence that you will attract everything you need to you. Feel how your sensuality awakens and your five senses come alive. Exhale, send this magnetism of joyful energy outward to the world.

Third Chakra 

Start by drawing the beam of white light down to the base of your spine. Then the energy goes back up to the solar plexus area a few inches below the navel. Its color changes to bright yellow. Feel that you are a person endowed with the ability to make choices as you please. Feel clearly the strength of your personality, firmly grounded in your values and beliefs. Reach a state of complete independence and breathe out this brightness into the world.

The fourth chakra 

Inhale the white light into the root chakra and then let it rise to the heart area. Imagine the lush green color emanating from your heart. By surrounding yourself with this invigorating color, feel that you are a person full of love and acceptance. Feel how abundant everything is in the world and that there is enough for everyone. Awaken your generosity and share your heart with the world. Be aware that when you make decisions with your heart, you are linking your personal and spiritual needs.

The fifth chakra 

The white light descends to the base of the spine and rises back to the throat. You are now immersed in the blue light of the color of the sky. Your thoughts aren’t limited by anything like the sky. Let your imagination take you to the infinite realms of consciousness. Awaken your ability to creatively perceive the world and express your true self – authentic, free from cultural stereotypes.

The sixth chakra 

Follow the white light to the first chakra and then soar with it through the successive chakras to the third eye in the center of your forehead. The light beam becomes indigo blue and you concentrate in the space between your eyes. You feel the wisdom of accepting life as it is, and thus you feel one with it. This is where you see your life from an earthly perspective and at the same time from a higher, spiritual perspective. You stop judging, you are just a witness to your life. You are blissful as you unite with a higher current in life, independent of you. You become aware of the truths flowing from your intuition.

The seventh chakra 

One last time you follow the white light down through all the chakras and this time you let it rise to the crown chakra and out. See the purple glow around you. Fill yourself with this light while holding your breath. Realize that you are no longer lonely as a separate entity. You are one but with all. Feel spiritual protection over yourself as you connect with the divine. While exhaling, give the energy of your being to divinity and to the world around you.