Chakra Orgone Pyramids serve as energy catalysts, are often used in natural therapies, as energy channeling instruments, and as harmonizers.

Authentic 7 chakra orgone crystal pyramid [ 2020 ]

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What is a chakra pyramid?

The 7 chakra pyramid is made using different gemstones attached to each other. It contains a chakra form that will be crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacred chakra, and root / base chakra.

This chakra gives you creative energy to enjoy life. It is a known fact that pyramids can be amplified and then focus energy strictly through the apex.

What is 7 chakra pyramid benefits

Pyramids serve as energy catalysts, are often used in natural therapies, as energy channeling instruments, and as harmonizers.

This pyramid is made with the stones correlative to the seven main Chakras. What the power and the energy it emanates is far superior to any other pyramid that exists.

Crystals can help us harmonize and awaken (open) our Chakras. They function as amplifiers of energy, facilitating its absorption by our energy centers. Using chakra crystals can benefit a lot; one for each Chakra according to its color. It is necessary for the person to visualize the energy of the stones reaching, in the same way, the back of each Chakra. The person must be relaxed and comfortable and visualize inside the flow of vital energy flowing from the universe and being absorbed by the Chakras starting from the first to the seventh.

How to use chakra pyramid set ?

First of all, you must clean the pyramid by placing it in a glass vase with plenty of water and salt to purify all the energies that the stone may bring with it.

Let the stone rest for 24 hours.

Once that time has passed, remove it from the glass and discard all its contents. Then rinse the pyramid with purified water or bottled natural mineral water and dry it with a clean cloth.

Then put it to recharge for the next 24 hours so that the light of the sun and the moon can finish recharging it. Then place it in a crystal glass or a small bowl near a window to absorb all the energy, and once recharged, you should always keep it with you and not let anyone manipulate it except you.

You can keep it with you inside the organza bag to keep it protected.

What is Chakra Pyramid Stone use for ?

Chakra Balancing Pyramid, Manifestation, Crown Chakra, Virgo Gift, Everything Else, Organic.It is the best ability to focus energy and neglect negative energy. Each attractive and well colored stone represents a chakra in them.

It can be used in Reiki healing therapy, spiritual gifts, stone gift, energy crystals. Positive energy, negative energy, negative, alter, birthstone, third eye, arcturian, chakra, protection pyramid

How do you balance your chakras on your own?

Simply point the pyramid eagle at each of the chakras crystals for 30 seconds or more if you feel the need. Close your eyes and stick to the chakra area. Feel the sensation of cleanliness, similar to a freshness in each of the regions as you move from chakra to chakra. The feeling of stagnation will slowly rise in each of the chakras.

This pyramid of 7 chakras is a natural crystal and is used to heal chakras of the body, it is good for energy generator, such as a reiki pyramid, gift crystals, paper pyramid, pyramid meditation, relieve from negativity, protection crystals , powerful crystals, cleaning stones, etc.

What is Chakra system?

In the application of minerals at the therapeutic level, the chakra system is often used as a guide. Katrina Raphael, an expert in gem therapy, suggests that people can place specific minerals in each area of the body related to each chakra to circulate energy and apply. The characteristics of each mineral in various parts of the human body.

The concept of chakra etymologically comes from Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “disk of light”. It mainly belongs to the Eastern Hindu, Yogic, Tantric and Chinese traditions, although according to Cindy Dale, an intercultural researcher on energy anatomy, many more associations between the chakras and other ancient traditions, such as the African, Egyptian, Essene, have been studied. the Sufi and the Mayan. According to these traditions, the chakras are energy centers that perform the function of reception, assimilation and transmission of vital energies.

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The Pyramid Pendulum of the 7 Chakras is very effective in healing with dowsing.

The chakras are the energy centers of the human body positioned along a central axis and connected to each other. Thanks to him we can make not only a real medical diagnosis, but also an energetic one. You can know precisely whether the chakra is open or not. The Pyramid Pendulum of the 7 Chakras aligns and our energy centers.

You can also use the 7 Chakra Pyramid Pendulum for all general dowsing and tele-dowsing research.

What is an orgone pyramid?

The orgone pyramid is a structure or device created on the basis of various metallic and non-metallic materials that attracts, transmutes, cleans and orders the energy that is in the atmosphere of our planet, so that everything negative or unhealthy is harmonized by passing to a steady state.

Quartz and natural stones, copper, silver, organic resin, are some of the components of these devices and their use every day begins to become more widespread by children and adults, especially due to the large number of attributes it possesses, which would help both physically and spiritually.

The orgone pyramid was coined in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich, who made the scientific discovery of this energy that in the world is known by many names: prana, chi, reiki energy, etheric, magnetic, astral, life force, etc.

orgone pyramid is useful for many applications, especially for complementary therapies so widely used today, but it also allows to change the negative energy of electromagnetic devices that damage the health so much, especially of the smallest ones. That is why many knowledgeable parents of orgonite use it to protect themselves and in healing processes.

Benefits of orgone pyramids

As mentioned by orgone pyramids Darma , specialists in Chile of these devices, the benefits are many and proven:

1.Increases body energy levels

2.It allows a restful sleep, helping in cases of insomnia

3.Help keep melatonin levels high (anti aging)

4.Restore energy balance

5.Helps with metabolism

6.Improves blood circulation

7.Helps in muscular ailments

8.Transform the etheric energy of the home into healthy energy

9.Allows plants to grow better and healthier by repelling insects

All the aforementioned benefits have been proven since Reich’s time being only a small sample of its attributes. However, its main and most powerful help is to be a great “protector” against the negative energy of electronic devices that abound today. Since it captures your energy and raises the vibration, changing it to healthy levels for living beings.

Does orgonite protect from EMF?

The healing power of Orgonite Crystal Pyramid makes you open-minded, spiritual and spiritual. It can effectively prevent harmful EMF radiation and is used in Reiki therapy, yoga meditation kits and enjoy positive resonance. Just carry the bentonite around to make it work.

What does an orgonite do?

Bentonite is a substance that can be used as a self-driven, continuous-running high-efficiency energy conversion device. The most amazing thing is that it can absorb negative life energy and convert it into positive energy. Orgonite has become very popular as a psychotherapy tool and a protective agent against EMF.

How to cleanse the pyramid of Orgone?

Place your pyramid in direct sunlight for 20-30 minutes.

Remember to not leave the pyramid outside for more than 30 minutes. Many pyramids are not designed to be left outside for any extended period of time because I use an environmentally friendly resin that does not work well in inclement weather.

Or clear your pyramid by showering with healing sounds, such as bells of sound, tuning prongs, or classical music. Tibetan bells will also do a great job of cleansing the Orgone pyramid.

The pyramids are very popular with alternative healers and energy practitioners. It is also used by body workers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, intuitive psychologists, therapists and even coaches.

People who meditate love the pyramids because they feel their meditations are deeper and that it is easier to maintain.

What is chakra

Chakra is the ancient Indian word of God-in Sanskrit, meaning wheel.

It is also called an energy center where the flow of energy gathers, and there are mainly seven chakras in the human body.

It is said that activating all seven chakras in a well-balanced manner leads to physical and mental health.

1st chakra: black / red life and health

2nd chakra: Red / Orange Mental stability and beauty

Third chakra: Yellow / Orange Relationships and wealth

4th chakra: green / pink humanity and affection

5th chakra: light blue / blue expressiveness and communication

6th chakra: blue / purple intelligence and intuition

7th chakra: white, transparent, purple spirituality and divinity

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Activation of the crown chakra and the heart chakra

 Cosmic energies trigger an expansion of the crown and heart chakras. Our frequencies go up and down in the blink of an eye. On the wave of surfing higher vibrations or the failure of the meager matrix. Being hyper aware of our energy, the language of energy, helps us navigate the coming waves, crossing the third dimension. We learn to manifest our reality through focus and mantras. We are here to learn or re-learn the meaning of quantum existence within the relative boundaries of a third dimensional holographic world. We are here to learn that we can reset, adjust, tune, heal and protect ourselves. As we learn this, we embody our wisdom. We are becoming the change we want to see in the world. We will survive the karmic, global and personal purges. We grow in the light as energetic beings.

Tingling on the scalp, a loud bang at the top of the head, or a buzzing noise in the ears can occur as our crown chakra expands. Energy travels along the spine, drawing our energetic essence online. Core strength. Core power. Core balance. The activation of the crown chakra makes us feel dizzy, eclipsed, and dizzy. We can feel calm, composed and relaxed even when faced with tragedy or trauma. We respond emotionally, but from a place rooted in Zen love. This aligns our responses. We don’t become robots or levitating monks, but we achieve and maintain a sense of stillness.

The development of consciousness is the opening of door to perception. Connects the dots. Wake up. Disconnecting. Consciously changes patterns of thinking and behavior. It removes the lumber from our lives to enable a greater experience. A quantum leap in time and space of people and their planets. The crown chakra extension is the Age of Aquarius. Our minds seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding. We become galactic warriors, fearless at higher frequencies. There are tools, ways, by which we can consciously actively retrieve our beings’ control panel. Code our lives, change our lives, expand our lives. Practicing concentration with mantras can change our existence. We can use all the new, fresh flashes of light. Stay on our space surfboards, Stretch. Breathe. Develop.

10 ways to raise our vibrations

3. Concentration
4. Gratitude
5. Music
6. Dance
7. Nature
8. Tribal soul
9. Healing therapies
10. Yoga

The history of the orgone Pyramid

BioGeometry, or Sacred Geometry, is nothing new in a new era in which Humanity is living. Basically they are codes of the universe, which we have forgotten at some point in our existence as human beings. The human being, as well as the Universe, is Geometry and Proportion. The whole universe is constituted by an energy based on motif fields (geometry), proportions and sequences, called Orgone.

The Bioenergetics of the Pyramid is just one example of a morphic field associated with a specific geometric structure, which has been part of the history of our world since the dawn of humanity. Leaving aside the extraterrestrial theories and many other eccentricities with which many of us may, to a greater or lesser extent, agree or disagree, it is true that these gigantic buildings were built with a purpose and, due to their size, their purpose. It could not be restricted solely to the people of Egypt or their kings and pharaohs.

 Antoine Bovis, French technician and dowser, already in the 1920s visited the interior of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, and saw a series of colored lights and could feel an energy especially concentrated in the King’s chamber (located more or less one third of the height from the base to the top of the pyramid). Upon returning to his home in France, he built a replica of the pyramid to study its effects and observed that certain effects were produced on organic matter exposed to this morphic field. Among these effects there is a rapid dehydration of matter, since the generated field destroys the water dipoles accumulated in the organisms. This, applied to microbiology, can destroy microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, with which we find an antiseptic and bactericidal effect, highly recommended for maintaining health.

Later, in the 1950s, Karl Dbral, a Czechoslovak radio-antenist, also experimented with scale replicas of the Great Pyramid, discovering that they had the peculiarity of accumulating a certain type of energy. At that time its origin was unknown, and it received the name “The Energy of Forms”. He experimented with used steel razor blades, placing them inside the pyramid ⅓ of the height from the base, facing North – South. In his observations he found that they maintained the edge of the blade for an acceptable shave between 150 and 200 uses. This prompted him to go to the patent office to register the pyramid as a “device that preserves the edge of the blades.” The file was for more than 10 years in the patent office because it not only had to show that it worked, but it had to explain how. This was enough time to continue with his experiments and verify that the surface structure of the steel weakens when in contact with water, wearing down the edge during shaving. By subjecting it to pyramidal energy, and the rupture of the dipoles of the water molecule occurs, the structure of the crystalline mesh is regenerated, allowing the continuous use of the blade.

He gave the head of the office a pyramid explaining how to use it, and after several years of using it, he was finally granted the patent 10 years after his application. Wilheim Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst of Jewish origin, one of the most brilliant disciples of Sigmound Freud along with Carl G. Jung, was especially interested in topics related to sexuality, such as libido, whose study led him to discover by observation something of high importance: an energetic connection common to every living organism, which he called Orgone. He devoted much of his life to demonstrating his laws by observing their various forms of manifestation. Later, delving into his studies, he realized that this energy exists freely in the atmosphere and in the Universe.

According to Reich, the Orgone Energy is a primordial cosmic energy, free of matter (mass) and that flows through each organism as a vital force. The orgone is characterized by a movement, a pulsation, a radiation and a superimposition. If this energy is stable, we speak of positive Orgone or POR. On the contrary, if this energy stagnates we speak of DOR or Dead Orgone energy. What does a free energy of matter imply? A free energy of any particle or mass that is harmful to living organisms. Before discovering the Orgone, Reich obtained a great international reputation as a scientist, he corresponded with Albert Einstein to whom he demonstrated the existence of this energy. Among all the inventions related to orgone energy, it is worth highlighting the cloudbuster or cloudbreaker, an artifact capable of cleaning the atmosphere of both electromagnetic radiation and harmful particles.

Curiously, these discoveries were developed in a totally parallel way in Europe mainly, although Wilheim Reich was nationalized in the USA, but while in Europe the studies of the energy of the pyramid continued, in the USA the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) He tried to discredit Reich, his files were publicly burned and he died in jail as a charlatan. This Orgone energy is of the same nature as that which accumulates inside the pyramid, to which Karl Dbral did not know how to name.

The big difference is that the pyramid does not generate that orgone energy, it is only capable of accumulating that which is in its field of influence. Thus we can imagine the effects that a pyramidal shape could have, built with the purpose of being an orgone generator. Or put another way, an orgone generator under the morphic field of the pyramid, accumulating this self-generated mass free energy influencing the physical, chemical, emotional and energetic planes.

In the 70s, various doctors and scientists studied in greater depth the possible applications of the pyramid in the health field, always obtaining very diverse and interesting results, the vast majority of them positive, to the point that several doctors predicted great future of the pyramid in the field of modern medicine. For some reason, in the 1980s all studies on “form medicine” stopped being carried out, and its practical application, not only of pyramidal energy, was relegated solely to the field of the occult and clairvoyant healers. Both the applications of the Pyramid and an orgonite, as well as a pyramidal orgonite, will change certain paradigms in the scientific, energy and medicinal fields.