Chakra stones have an indisputable effect on the chakras . Many therapists use them to open the spiritual energy centers of their . The 7 Chakra Stones are composed of Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Calcite, Chalcedony, Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Rock Crystal.

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What do the 7 chakra stones mean? 

Chakra stones are in most cases so-called disk stones made of agate, aventurine, lapis lazuli or others. They are available in different shapes and colors. According to the teachings in Tantric Hinduism and yoga, but also in Chinese medicine and many other spiritual teachings, chakras are energy centers of the body. These invisible chakras are connected to one another via many energy channels.

How to Choose the Right Chakra Stone? 

As you can read in more detail here (internal link to chakra jewelry): There are seven main chakras. They are all connected, but at the same time each stand for individual areas in people. Accordingly, there are also healing stones that have a special effect on certain energy centers. The special stones often come in the color that is assigned to the chakra.

For example, you can use these gemstones to heal and / or strengthen the individual chakras:

Root Chakra : 

The color red is assigned to the root or muladhara chakra. Matching stones are light to dark red, such as:


2.ruby coral jasper

5.Fire opal agate

 Sacral Chakra : 

Orange is the color of the sacral or Svadhisthana chakra. The associated stones include:


2.Carnelian moonstone

Solar plexus chakra : 

The solar plexus or manipura chakra is yellow. These include, for example:

1.Tiger eye

2.Orange calcite

3.yellow tourmaline


Heart Chakra : 

The heart or anahata chakra is shown in color as green, sometimes also as pink. The associated healing stones are among others:




4.Moss agate



7.Rose quartz

8.malachite tourmaline

Throat chakra : 

The throat or Vishuddha chakra is light blue in color. Matching stones are:






6.light blue topaz

Third eye chakra: 

The third eye, forehead or Ajna chakra is marked with the color blue, sometimes also with purple. Accordingly, the range of healing stones extends from dark blue to dark purple. These healing stones fit the chakra of the third eye:

1.Lapis lazuli



4.purple fluorite

Crown Chakra : 

The color of the crown or sahasrara chakra is violet, sometimes it is simply displayed transparently. Healing stones for the crown chakra are for example:


2.Herkimer diamonds

3.Rock crystal

4.purple flourite

Chakra stones: Much more than just spiritual jewelry  

Many chakra-interested people hang the various chakra stones around their necks in the form of chains, wear them as a ring on their finger, as a stone or pendant on their ear or as part of the bracelet. Not only is this effective for healing the various blocked chakras, it also looks pretty. But they can also be distributed in the home, for example as individual stones or with practical functions such as part of a lamp or as a small or even large candlestick. For example, some people use it to keep negative energy away from their home.

Chakra stones are also popular for alternative healing treatments such as Reiki. Sometimes they are placed directly on the body and, if possible, directly at the level of the corresponding energy center in order to increase the effect of the treatment.

How 7 Chakra Stones Heal your Body, Mind and Soul?  

 We all know these moments: when we laugh hard at each other with friends, successfully implement a great idea or finally end a conflict – then something vibrates within us. We feel the energy!

And that’s exactly what the chakra teachings believe in. It appeared in different cultures from India to ancient Mexico and says that there are subtle energy centers in every human being. These should rotate on the front and back of our body and be connected to each other. If our soul and body are healthy, life energy can flow freely through us. The best known is the teaching of these seven main chakras, each of which is assigned a color. It starts at the bottom of the tailbone:

1.Root chakra (tailbone), color red

2.Sacral chakra (under the navel), color orange

3.Solar plexus chakra (on the solar plexus), color yellow

4.Heart chakra (in the middle of the chest), color green or pink

5.Throat chakra (on the larynx), color light blue

6.Third eye chakra (third eye, between the eyebrows), color indigo blue

7.Crown chakra (on the head), colors purple, white and gold

But according to tradition, these chakras can block if we have problems with one or more areas:

1.Root chakra: Fear of being alone in the world, of not being able to provide for yourself, no security

2.Sacral chakra: sexual fears, no confidence in your own abilities

3.Solar plexus chakra: Fear of not being able to assert oneself

4.Heart chakra: Fear of not being loved, of not being worth anything, of not being able to open up to love

5.Throat Chakra: Fear of not being able to express oneself properly, of not being able to withstand a conflict

6.Third eye chakra: Fear of one’s own sensitivity and personal inner world, stuck behavior patterns

7.Crown chakra: lack of courage, not wanting to develop further, not being able to reflect

According to the teaching, there are now many ways to free the chakras again. The chakra cleansing have we may know already in an interview with Simone (Sumann) Grunert. Another option is to heal the chakras by using healing stones. There is an exclusive chakra stone set in the Happinez webshop .

Chakra stones transmit vibrations  

These stones should also carry vibrations that can be transmitted to humans. You can help to free the energy centers again. This has not been scientifically proven, so everyone can try for themselves how they react to the stones. These healing stones are particularly valuable for the seven main chakras:

1.Root chakra: red jasper

2.Sacrachakra: orange calcite

3.Solar plexus chakra: yellow honey calcite

4.Heart chakra: green aventurine

5.Throat chakra: light blue angelite

6.Third eye chakra: dark blue sodalite

7.Crown chakra: purple amethyst

We simply place the stones on the relevant part of the body during meditation. We can also carry them with us during the day in our handbags, put them in our pockets or hang them around our necks. Many also set up a bowl in the living room so that the energy is distributed throughout the room. Only be careful with healing stones in the bedroom: there they can irritate sleep. Please do not put the stones in a water jug, but rather place them next to the vessel. This means that no deposits get into the drinking water, especially from stones that can be bought at markets.

What are chakra stone and gemstones ?  

 Gemstones and Chakras: Each chakra resounds with certain healing stones. An overview of the main chakras and the matching gemstones.

Method of using stones to open the chakras.  

Very simple, this method consists of lying down while keeping the arms at your sides, ideally in calm and silence. You can also light incense or candles. Then take the stones dedicated to each chakra and match them. Take the time to breathe and disconnect from all constraints, just think of the stones. You will have a sensation of heat, which will be neither more nor less than the contribution of the stones in energy.

Breathe slowly while remaining relaxed, remove any thoughts that may cloud your mind. In a feeling of fullness, you will then be able to remove the stones by skirting them downwards. Once removed, take them and go clean them under a stream of water (except lapis lazuli which is a very porous stone). You can also use the other stone purification methods and then re-energize them with the appropriate stone reloading methods. Newly ready, you can reuse them either within the framework of another session, or within the therapeutic framework.

What is chakra? 

The chakras are life energy centers or vibrating bodies in the narrow body of the human being, which are connected to each other and to all organs, cells and glands through invisible energy channels (nadis). You are always in the immediate vicinity of a gland and important organs. Your main task is to inhale fresh life energy (Prana) and exhale used life energy.

They are nodes for the soul and the physical. This is also the origin of the knowledge that the soul, if it suffers, ills the body can make. If only one of these chakras is blocked, this can hinder the entire flow of energy. When the chakras are strongly developed and as free as possible from such blockages, they appear open and radiate their energy intensely.

People with well-developed chakras have a clear presence and a powerful charisma. Each chakra has a certain quality, for example mental clarity, creativity, love, vitality, or sexual power. For example, if you have developed a strong heart chakra, your consciousness is filled with compassion,kindness, love and harmony. Such people are “warm,” imbued with love, and popular. When charas are blocked,diseases or dysfunction of internal organs also occur.

Modern lifestyles, environmental toxins, constant stress, existential fear, overstimulation and emotional pressure lead to congestion and blockages in the chakras, which from a natural medicine point of view can be the strongest cause of incurable physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

Blockages gradually mature over the years, often unnoticed, and can massively hinder you from being happy because they significantly impair your character and health . They often cause increasing pessimism and fears and, if not recognized, inevitably lead to physical complaints.

Protect yourself and, in just a few simple steps, help to dissolve any existing negative blockages and thus render them harmless. Chakra-active gemstones, chakra essences and prana energy products have been proven to be safe helpers for thousands of years .

Recommended use: Place the chakra-active gemstones on the corresponding chakra, stick it with a plaster and carry the chakra-active gemstones with you during the day, for example on a silk ribbon or in your pocket. Chakra therapy can be most intense at night when you are asleep. Of course, we also point out here that chakra therapy has not been scientifically proven.

History of 7 chakra stones ?  

According to the teachings of tantric Hinduism, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and many spiritual teachings, chakras are invisible energy centers of the body that are connected to one another via numerous energy channels. Chakra means wheel or turning. The chakras are the switching points to the universal life energy and take in rotating (like a vortex of water) cosmic energy into the body or into the seven different energy bodies. We can also lose energy through the chakras. This energy is to be understood as life energy, divine energy, life and (soul) consciousness. The chakras pass this energy on to the other energy centers and pathways. There is a very fine network of over 72,000 (some old texts mention up to 350,000) so-called nadis in the body, which serve as fine distributors. In TCM, the pathways of life energy (Qi) are also called meridians on which the acupuncture points are located.

Depending on the philosophy, there are seven to nine such main energy centers in the body, which line up along the central axis of our body. They represent the crossing points of the main energy paths (main nadis) of the body: Ida (originates in the left part of the body, lunar principle) and Pingala (originates on the right, sun principle). These run in a curved path along the spine and cross each other several times. A third main energy pathway, sushumna, runs in the central spinal canal (represents consciousness). In addition to the main chakras, there are also important secondary chakras and transpersonal chakras (outside the body). A total of 50 chakras are counted.

In traditional spiritual teachings, a person is considered “enlightened” (Samadhi, highest consciousness) when his energy centers are completely open and his life energy can flow without blockages. The more open the chakras, the higher the human consciousness. However, poor nutrition, negative thinking and acting, bad company and wrong exercises can adversely affect the rotation, activity and direction of rotation of the chakras. This leads to a loss of energy and can cause illness and psychological problems. The chakras affect us not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. The use of healing stones is therefore also quite helpful in supporting one’s own spiritual path.

Each chakra can be positively influenced in different ways to increase the flow of energy, to reactivate it or to open it. In yoga, for example, through physical exercises and breathing exercises (pranayama), but also in particular through meditation and certain mental activities. Healing stones can also have a positive effect on the flow of energy.

How do i use chakra healing stones?  

When placing healing stones on the chakras or on the respective chakra, several aspects come together. The chakras have certain (high) vibrations which, depending on the frequency, ensure that the body’s energy can flow freely, powerfully and without obstacles. Stone healing also assumes that stones have a certain vibration of their own, which can also be transmitted to us.

When applying healing stones, you can specifically influence a chakra by letting the individual vibration of the gem act on the chakra and thus stimulate it. The oscillation of the chakra is stimulated and reactivated, it gets into resonance. This is done on the one hand by touching the respective body part. On the other hand, the healing stone works through its own information (vibration), which, if it is coordinated with the field of action of the chakra, is only effective. The chakras are thus assigned vibrational frequencies. These can be addressed via sound vibrations or sound frequencies (using singing bowls), or via color frequencies of the light or the frequencies of the components of the precious stones (minerals).

The part of the electromagnetic radiation from the sun that can be perceived by the human eye is generally referred to as light (“white light”). This spectrum keeps the wavelength range from about 380 to 780 nm – which corresponds to a frequency of about 789 THz to 385 THz – adjacent to the infrared at the top and the ultraviolet at the bottom. Each color of visible sunlight has its own physical frequency or wavelength. If white light falls through a prism, the individual spectral colors become visible. The color spectrum varies from dark red to orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue and even purple. In stone healing, color plays an important role due to the associated oscillation frequencies. The color of a gemstone harmonizes more or less with the frequencies of the respective chakra.

The physical chakras are not only spatially – as is often wrongly assumed – directly on the skin of the front of the body, but rather they should be imagined as an energy axis through the body. The placement of the healing stones on the corresponding chakra can therefore take place on the front and back of the body, depending on how you feel. If you place a healing stone directly on or near a chakra, it will certainly have a more intense effect there than if it is used further away. Nevertheless, gemstones also have an effect on the body when they are only around us or are held in the hand. A particularly powerful effect can also be achieved by taking gemstone water. However, certain factors should be taken into account.

The following well-known healing stones can be assigned to the seven main chakras and the most important secondary chakras of the body:

Healing stones root chakra  

The root chakra, or base chakra, root center, muladhara chakra, is located between the anus and genitals, at the lower end of the tailbone. It has a supporting function, which unites terms such as instincts and trust, as well as stability. Of all chakras, the root chakra is most directly related to the physical body. This chakra has the color red (energy, vitality) light red to dark red. The corresponding stones are therefore red in color, such as red jasper, agate (red), garnet, ruby. Darker colors, especially brown, are also related to the root chakra, but only resonate with it secondarily. The same applies to orange healing stones.

Sacral chakra 

The sacral chakra, also known as the cross chakra, spleen chakra, sexual chakra, Svadhishthana chakra, is located about a hand’s breadth below the navel, or a few cm above the lower end of the spine. It stands for sexuality, feelings and creativity. The sacral chakra is connected to the emotional body, which holds, processes and expresses our emotional state. Its color is orange (activity, energy, joy, hope). The corresponding stones are orange, i.e. beryl, carnelian, orange jasper, citrine, but also orange moonstone.

Navel chakra healing stones 

The navel chakra (Manipura Chakra) is counted among the seven main chakras by some masters. In any case, it is one of the most important secondary chakras in the body and is located in the middle of the abdomen at navel level. Its color is yellow-orange (fire / energy). His special healing stones are: yellow amber, calcite, tiger’s eye, topaz, yellow tourmaline.

Solar plexus chakra 

The third main chakra, the solar plexus chakra (solar plexus chakra), is located directly above the solar plexus at about the level of the stomach. This chakra is the seat of personality and combines will, power, wisdom and the processing of experiences and feelings. The solar plexus chakra is in connection with the subconscious mind, which expresses the abstract knowledge of the higher mind (see throat chakra) and enables or extends our psychic abilities three-dimensionally. Its color is yellow. Healing stones that fit this chakra are tiger’s eye, amber, topaz, calcite, yellow tourmaline and citrine.

Heart chakra 

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra (Anahata Chakra); it lies at the level of the heart on the central axis of the body, in the middle of the chest. It is the chakra of love (of all of our lives), devotion, compassion and the perception of beauty and harmony. The heart chakra is connected to the human energy body (causal body, energy body), which contains the karma. It has the color green and a little orange as the emanation of fire from the navel chakra, which is why the healing stones sapphire, aventurine, chrysocolla, jade, moss agate, olivine and emerald go particularly well with it.

Throat chakra 

The fifth main chakra, the throat chakra (Vishuddi Chakra), is at the level of the larynx and is therefore also called the throat chakra or communication chakra. It stands for the terms communication, self-determination and self-realization, inspiration, physical and spiritual cleansing and the interface between mind and spirit. The throat chakra is in connection with the higher mind of the human being, which brings us into harmony with the divine flow of life and manifests or brings out the conditions for “correct action”. Its color is light blue. The matching healing stones are aquamarine, agate (blue), chalcedony, chrysocolla, thistle, larimar, turquoise and apatite.

Third eye chakra 

The forehead chakra (Agya Chakra, Guru Chakra), also called the third eye or inner eye, is located in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows, at the top of the spine, at the transition from the spinal cord to the brain. Here Ida, Pingala and Shushumna unite. Its radiance is strongest about 1-2 cm in the middle at the level of the eyebrows. It is the sixth chakra and stands for the seat of the spirit, the opening to the soul, for the will, the perception, the knowledge and the mind. The third eye chakra is in connection with the celestial body of the human being, which stimulates, reflects and pauses the authentic perception of the soul. Its color is dark purple, which is why the matching healing stones range from dark blue to dark purple. Healing stones of this type are lapis lazuli, sodalite, azurite.

Healing stones bindu chakra 

The Bindu Chakra (moon center, back of the head chakra) is also an important secondary chakra and is particularly important in Tantra Yoga. It is located on the back of the head under the pronounced hair swirl. Its color is white / transparent with violet-blue components. The rock crystal or other transparent gemstones are a good healing stone.

Crown chakra 

The crown chakra (Sahasrara Chakra) or crown chakra sits on the vertex just above the fontanel. It is the seat of spirituality, the fusion of mind and soul. The crown chakra is in connection with the light body (spirit light body or Merkaba) of the (enlightened) person, which enables multidimensional experiences. In Hinduism this chakra, the highest perfection, is the unity consciousness in the universe. Its color is white, transparent, with very light purple components. Its light contains all colors combined to form pure light. The associated healing stones are phenakite, Herkimer diamond, rock crystal and diamond.

What is a throat chakra stone? 

Commonly known as the Throat Chakra, Vishuddha in Sanskrit means “ purification ”. This purification goes through creation and communication which are closely linked when the ego of the being is exposed without protection .

The purification carried on this chakra allows the being to become aware of what he is and to enter into communication with all aspects of creation, whether verbal , auditory , etc.

The communication chakra makes it possible to exchange information and create any type of relationship .

The main stones to purify the throat chakra 

The throat chakra is essential, as it ensures our good communication with the outside world. It allows us to better externalize what we are feeling, and to understand the way in which other people address us.

he throat chakra is represented by the color blue. Its symbol is a triangle containing a circle. In order to cleanse this chakra, it is possible to use specific varieties of stones.

The stones corresponding to the throat chakra are distinguished by their blue shades. Among those recommended, we find:



3.Lapis lazuli


5.Calcite (in its blue version)

How do you know when the throat chakra is blocked or out of balance? 

There are symptoms that can signal a blockage in the throat chakra.

Difficulties in expressing feelings, in sharing what you really think,

Pain in the throat, in the upper back

Feeling of uneasiness, of not being in your place

Warning: in the event of worrying symptoms, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

How to use stones intended for the throat chakra? 

In order to cleanse your chakra, you can employ different methods.

Method 1: place the stone near you, or in a room you frequent often

In addition to making wonderful decorative objects, stones dedicated to the root chakra will diffuse their virtues in the place where they are placed. For example, place an Amazonite or a Lapis Lazuli in the living room, or in a place where the whole family gathers.

In the event of frequent passage, or if it is a place frequented by the public, we advise you to reload your stone more often.

Method 2: perform an energy treatment with the stone

Take a stone in one hand, and extend the other hand a few inches from the throat chakra. Close your eyes, and feel the energy of the stone spreading through your body and hand to purify the Throat Chakra.

Method 3: wear a throat chakra stone as a jewelry

Many jewelry made contain stones suitable for the root chakra. We particularly recommend necklaces, which allow you to place the stone as close as possible to your chakra. Whether the jewelry is made of steel, gold, metal or silver, the action is always the same.

7 Chakra Colors  

While there are differences between schools of thought regarding the color of each chakra, there is overall agreement on a rainbow representation of the chakra system. The 7 colors of chakras are:

The first chakra is red

The second chakra is orange

The third chakra is yellow

The fourth chakra is green

The fifth chakra is blue (sapphire blue or turquoise)

The sixth chakra is purple (or deep indigo blue)

The seventh chakra is white (or sometimes purple)

Each color reflects a type of vibration or frequency emanating from the chakras.

Note that because our knowledge of the chakra system comes primarily from Hindu traditions, we see and color the chakras according to this representation. If we were educated in another system, there might be slight or profound differences in how we perceive these colors.

Chakra Color Chart  

Here is a chakra color scheme associating each chakra with the corresponding symbol, color, and physical location.

Although the chakras are usually represented with specific colors, they can appear with different hues when seeing their radiance in the aura field. The heart chakra, for example, is shown in green in the diagram, but sometimes it glows pink.

Sense of Chakra Colors

When you see a color in someone’s field, it’s probably associated with the activity of a chakra or a combination of chakras. Note that chakra colors don’t necessarily have meaning. They reflect a specific frequency, or vibration.

The meaning of colors you see can be related to the functions and general characteristics of the chakras. For example, we could make the following interpretations:

Red is the color of the root chakra (first chakra): Security, survival, fundamentals, enrichment by the energy of the Earth. Red can be indicative of inflammation on a physical level.

Orange is the color of the sacral chakra (second chakra): Emotions, creativity, sexuality, associated with water, flows.

Yellow is the color of the plexus chakra (third chakra): Mental activities, intellect, personal power, will.

Green is the color of the heart chakra (fourth chakra): Love, relationship with others, integration, compassion.

Blue is the color of the Throat Chakra (Fifth Chakra): Self-expression, Expression of Truth, Creative Expression, Communication, Perfect Form and Pattern.

Violet (or deep indigo blue) is the color of the third eye chakra (sixth chakra): Intuition, extra sensoriality, inner wisdom.

White (or sometimes purple) is the color of the crown chakra (seventh chakra): The universal, the connection with spirituality, consciousness.

Healing yourself with colors 

When training in therapy through colors, it is helpful to remember that each chakra has a secondary color. In order to better understand we will use an analogy with the colors we use to paint. Remember the primary (blue, red, yellow) and secondary (orange, green, purple) colors.

The secondary colors are complementary to the primary colors and come from the mixture of two primary colors (for example, green is a secondary color which is the result of the mixture of blue and yellow). The resulting secondary color is complementary to the primary color that was not used (in the case of green, green is complementary to red, green and red are opposite colors).

When focusing to treat a center, it is beneficial to also treat the chakra with the opposite color. For example, blue and orange, or green and red. When dealing with the heart chakra which is green, it may be important to treat the root chakra which is red.

The 6 best chakra books 

According to a very old belief, the chakras are intimately linked to the health of the body . Thus, they would provide each part of the body and mind with the required amount of energy . Several books addressing the problem are available, and allow to better understand the role of the chakras, as well as the importance they have on a daily basis for a healthier and more harmonious life.

Through this guide, we are going to present our selection of the best books on the chakras to you and tell you everything you need to know before starting to buy a book that deals with this subject.

1.Chakra manual: From theory to practice by Shalia Sharamon

This book occupies the first place in our ranking, because we consider it a must-have for those who wish to discover the universe of the chakras . Newbies should really appreciate the author’s approach. The added summary tables greatly facilitate understanding and allow the essential to be retained.

The book generally presents the different chakras and their functioning. But that’s not all ! For those who are considering starting an initiation , practical exercises are offered to work on the chakras using sounds , precious stones , colors or scents . It is also the place to practice yoga and different breathing techniques.

The work is presented with clarity and precision for the benefit of the readers. We are immediately pleasantly surprised by the quality of the explanations and the depth of the subjects that are discussed. You also get some advice to diagnose the blockages and solve .

If you are interested in books on the chakras, it could not be otherwise for those dealing with related topics such as books on hypersensitivity or even guardian angels.

2.The Essential Guide to the Chakras: Discover the power of the chakras over the mind, body and spirit of Swami Saradananda

With this book, you will be able to practice your chakras step by step. The author certifies that daily practice is able to improve not only your health , but also your well-being and your inner peace . So, by determining your active chakras, you can identify them as either excessive energy or deficient energy.

In this book by Swami Saradananda, you can also discover yoga and breathing exercises as well as meditation and visualization techniques to help you unlock your potential. This might be expected a bit due to her profile as a practitioner and teacher of yoga.

This book is perfect for initiation , because it is sufficiently documented . But, the initiated people can also find their account there and revisit their knowledge thanks to the suggested exercises. The reading is clear and the argument fairly well structured overall. This is the whole point of this guide which in the end will not leave you indifferent.

3.Ambika Wauters’ little book of chakras

With this book, you can now release the energy that is in you. Ambika Wauters invites you to try the adventure of the chakras by reconnecting to yourself. Thus, thanks to specialized techniques combining physical (massage, yoga, etc.) and spiritual (singing) activities, it would be possible to channel your seven chakras . The book also allows you to discover the benefits of alternative medicine through homeopathy, aromatherapy, lithotherapy, etc.

At first glance, we are fascinated by the appearance of the book before being totally seduced by the content. The book looks good with beautiful illustrations. The paper is made from recyclable natural fibers; which represents a good point for the environment. The style is clear and precise which further favors the understanding of the reader, whether layman or amateur. However, we could deplore the lack of practical exercises.

4.The Chakra Healing Bible: Activate the ransformative power of your Cyndi Dale energy centers

With such an evocative title, this book is not without interest. The author provides the reader with a veritable repository for chakra healing. Everyone would find something for them.

In this book, we make a rather disconcerting discovery. This is because the total of seven chakras accepted by life force and energy professionals around the world is extended to thirty-two, including twenty spiritual points that serve as catalysts for dynamic change. It is also quite captivating to read testimonials of chakra healing.

As you progress in the reading, you may realize the endless possibilities that you have just by integrating the powerful forces of your energy body. Also, the book is well made and the pages pleasant to read.

5.The Secret of the Chakras: Balancing and Recharging Them to Heal Your Life by Anna Meza

It is a fairly comprehensive book on how to awaken the latent forces within you. According to Anna Meza, it is important, even primordial, to integrate the energy centers that move inside us to remove the blockages that arise on a daily basis.

To do this, it would not only be necessary to use spiritual tools, but also to be prepared to use a method that the author describes as “simple and revolutionary”. Thus, you will learn to recognize the chakras, but also to identify those which are faulty so as to wake them up, stimulate them, balance them and recharge them. By doing this, you will get your life off the ground while being healthy.

The book is short. Thus, reading is easy and pleasant. It contains the essentials to know about the chakras. Beginners should be able to appreciate the simplicity of the approach adopted by the author.

6.Patricia Mercier’s Chakra Bible

Here is a book that takes you to the genesis of the science of chakras . This historical approach allows you to discover the different spiritual and religious currents to which it relates.

The theory also extends to a comprehensive study of the seven main chakras. At this level, it is a question, among other things, of knowing their symbolic meaning, the esoteric values ​​with which they are identified, as well as the means to activate them: mediation, yoga, etc.

In addition, the author takes you to the discovery of new chakras while showing you how to control their influence on your life . Suffice to say that this is a complete guide that covers the chakras up and down. Those passionate about the subject should be satisfied, especially as the book is well illustrated. In addition, understanding is made easy by the author’s clear and precise style.