How to Make a Chakra Bracelet [ The Definitive Guide ]


How to make your own 7 chakra bracelet? Apparently, not every rainbow bracelet has a unique power, but each one equipped with properly arranged stones can have a positive effect on energy – it all depends on whether you believe in the healing power of stones or not.

Chakra enhancement amulets have existed for centuries and have been assigned a very significant role in healing not only the body but also the mind. Making such a chakra bracelet takes only a few minutes, the cost of the materials used is small and the joy of having new macrame jewelry.

Macrame materials

Macrame is mainly a string, so it is worth paying special attention to it. I suggest starting your macrame adventure with a waxed cotton string. This string is very nice to tie into knots that do not change their shape, and its ends can be successfully secured with glue in a very aesthetic way.

The beads I chose for this project have been arranged in a non-accidental way – it’s a rainbow power bracelet. You can use any beads for your design – if you want to keep this shape, opt for round beads. Also, remember to adjust the size of the beads to your wrist, as too big will be too overwhelming.

I made my bracelet with a black waxed cotton string and 7 natural stones. These stones are of different colors suitable for the 7 chakras. Considered by many as amulets that activate human chakras.

How do I tie a flat knot?

Before we start the tutorial, I want to show you the basic node used in the macro – flat node.

This knot is made on the basis of one or more strings.

1.Prepare a lead string – blue in my case. Behind this funny face is the attachment of the remaining strings, which you will not have – you place the second string in the middle of its length, anywhere on the lead string.

how to tie a flat knot step1

2. I always start from the left side, but you can start from the one you are comfortable with. From the left: you place the left string over the leading one (marked with an arrow and 1). You put the right string over the left one (for me it is green over pink, which has already been crossed over blue – the second arrow and 2).

how to tie a flat knot step2

3.Put the left twine (green in my case) under the leading thread and thread it through the loop made of the left string (in my pink one – marked with an arrow).

4.Tighten the resulting knot and repeat all the movements analogously, but this time starting from the right side. You will get a knot like this:.

how to tie a flat knot 3

How to make a simple string bracelet?

How to make a simple string bracelet

1.Prepare the right amount of string – not less than 30-40 cm. This will be our guiding string. Attach it to something that will allow you to maintain its proper tension – for me it’s an elephant.

2. Prepare a second piece of string of a similar length. Pass it halfway through our main string (the place on the main string does not matter as all the knots can be moved along the main string).

How to make stone bracelet

3. Tie a flat knot – just like we did before.

How to make chakra healing bracelet
make a chakra healing bracelet

4. Thread the first bead on the leading string (hint: if you use a synthetic string, you can burn its end to make it easier to thread the beads. If you use a cotton string, you can make your work easier by soaking the end in glue)

How to make chakra crystal bracelet

5. Tie another flat knot behind the bead – this way you will separate the beads from each other.

7 chakra bracelet
simple string bracelet

6. Add more beads and separate them with flat knots.

Add more beads and separate them with flat knots.
chakra beads
7 chakra beads

7. Cut off any excess twine and secure the knot with glue.

How to make a movable clasp in a macro?

The clasp is nothing more than flat knots arranged in a row. You can use any number of flat knots – adjust their number to the length of the bracelet. To make it easier to tie the knots, you can fix the strings with sticky tape.

How to make a movable clasp in a macro

Bracelet talisman of power 7 chakras

Not only we have created a nice bracelet in the macrame technique, but in addition, this bracelet can help us have more energy, harmonize or open to the world. A stone and a different color have been specially selected for each chakra. In our bracelet, we used Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, Sardonyx, Carnelian. Many shamans believe that each stone has a special power and effect.

Where amethyst is responsible for the crown chakra, lapis lazuli, the third eye chakra, the turquoise throat chakra, the aventurine heart chakra, the tiger’s eye plexus chakra, the sardonyx sacral chakra, and the carnelian base chakra. The effect of the bracelet can be enhanced with hematite or volcanic lava. The arrangement and order do not matter, the most important thing is the touch of the skin.

Lithotherapy or treatment with stones

Lithotherapy is an art treated with precious and semi-precious stones that originates from ancient China. It is a branch of alternative medicine specializing in the treatment of diseases of the body and spirit with minerals, where the appropriate stone will be matched to the disease or activation of the designated chakra.

Chakras and stones for working with chakras

Root chakra

Associated color : Red

Positive impact on : financial independence, getting your own way, survival

Ailments : trouble sleeping, depression

Location : base of the spine

Responsibility : safety and instinct

Root chakra stones : garnet , bole , smoky quartz, agate red , bloody stone

Sacral chakra

Related color : orange

Positive influence on : feeling pleasure, social life, well-being

Ailments : substance abuse, depression, allergies

Location : Approximately 3 cm below the navel in the pubic area

Responsibility : emotions, creativity, sexuality.

Stones for the sacral chakra : carnelian , citrine , amber, coral

Solar plexus chakra

Related color : yellow

Positive influence on : intellect, sense of humor, self-esteem, self-esteem

Ailments : problems with memory, digestive problems, diabetes

Location : around the solar plexus

Responsible : control, career, mental functions

Stones for the solar plexus chakra : tiger’s eye , jasper , topaz, lemon

The heart chakra

Associated color : green

Positive influence on : relationships, communication, trust, feeling love

Ailments : mood swings, hormonal disorders, problems with the thyroid gland, menopause

Location : center of the chest

Responsibility : love, sacrifice, compassion and healing

Heart chakra stones : green agate , peridot , rose quartz , aventurine , malachite , green jade .

Throat chakra

Related color : blue

Positive influence on : feeling joy, inner balance

Ailments : cardiological problems, breast cancer, high blood pressure

Location : the throat

Responsibility : expression, speech.

Throat chakra stones : blue agate , lapis lazuli , turquoise ,

Third eye chakra

Related color : indigo

Positive influence on : intuition, imagination, decision making

Ailments : problems with acquiring knowledge, sleep disorders

Location : Slightly above the eyebrows

Responsible : analysis, perception, intuition.

stones for the third eye chakra : amethyst , fluorite ,

Crown chakra

Related color : violet

Positive influence on: the spiritual sphere

Ailments : mental illness, headaches, lack of coordination

Location : Top of the head

Responsible : thinking and paranormal functions

Crown chakra stones : Rock crystal , ordinary quartz

How to make your own amulet chakra bracelet?

If you use lava beads as a base, you will be able to flavor them with any oil, which will make your bracelet smell beautiful for at least a day. This is because the volcanic lava beads have a slightly porous surface. This allows the oil droplets to be retained inside the bead. To make such a bracelet, you only need selected stones and an elastic band that will allow you to put on and take off your amulet.

You can also use other stones as a base, or create a macrame bracelet, the main element of which will be embedded semi-precious stones of your choice.

Bracelet 7 chakras

Above you have a link to a lesson on how to make a bracelet of 7 chakras in the macrame technique, it is up to you which stones you choose, but it is good to keep the colors and the indicated properties of the stones above. If you do not want to create a macrame bracelet , create it on an elastic string or an elastic band. It’s very easy, you can find all the things you need in our blanks and beads store . Choose a flexible line, measure the appropriate length depending on the size of your hand, thread beads from natural stones on the linewhich correspond to the chakras, e.g. mountain quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, malachite, jasper, carnelian, add hematite or volcanic lava as a supplement to complete the rubber. You tie the elastic with a knot, preferably a double knot, so that it does not break, if you have a drop of glue, you can slightly tap the knot. You decide on the size of the stones, you can grade them from the smallest to the larger, you can separate them with blanks, e.g. 316L stainless steel balls. We suggest the size of 6-8mm. And a finished bracelet of 7 chakras. Creating it is very easy and fun.

Why is it important to keep your chakras clean?

You already know what chakras are. But why is it so important to keep them clean? Chakras connect with your thoughts, feelings, and habits. When you achieve inner balance, your life energy will be strengthened and you will be able to enjoy a great mental and physical well-being.

If your feelings or lifestyle are not healthy, your chakras start to deteriorate, causing internal imbalance. Chakra dysfunction can affect your mental and physical health, and even your relationships with your loved ones.

When you have clear chakras (when nothing is disturbing the flow of your inner energy), you can enjoy the following benefits:

✭Pure mind,

✭Better sleep quality,

✭Constant life energy,

✭Better health and longevity,

✭Sensitivity and intuition,

✭Better concentration,

✭Greater connection with the universe

✭Freedom from fear and resentment

How to clean the chakras

There are various methods of balancing chakra activity these days. Some of the most popular are:

✭Meditation and Yoga,

✭Quartz bathtubs,

✭Deep breathing exercises.

How do you know that the chakra bracelet stones are unclean?

Since the stones have the ability to absorb bad energy, they should be cleaned / discharged and charged regularly. Especially the stones that you regularly wear on your body. Only when they are purified and recharged can you benefit from their full power. If you don’t clean the stones, they can crack or even burst very quickly.

The stones have become lighter or darker than they were originally. You don’t want to touch the stones, sometimes you even get an aversion to them. The chain or bracelet feels very heavy. You will become very tired, nervous, or depressed after a few minutes of wearing it.

After a short time you will intuitively feel when the stones have attracted negative energy.

How do I clean the chakra bracelet stones?

There are many ways to clean the stones. Hematite shell, water, sea salt, earth, plants. I prefer the sea salt and water method or use Reiki for it. If you want to clean the stones or the chain quickly, simply hold the chain under lukewarm running water for a few minutes.

(Caution! Not all stones can be washed!) It is best to remember that you clean the chain and it should be freed from everything negative.

The second method is the sea salt. It is, in my opinion, the most effective and therefore my favorite method. Put the chain or stones in a small bowl and pour the sea salt over it. So that the stones remain completely covered. If you have worn the stones for several days in a row, it is best to leave the chain or bracelet in there for three days. Otherwise you can simply put your jewelry on top of the salt every evening. This is how i do it.

It is the same principle with the hematite bowl. Place the chain or stones in the bowl and place the hematite stones on top. The stones should not lie in it for more than three days. If you wear the necklace every day, always leave it in a salt or hematite bowl for the night. Please note that not every stone may be cleaned under running water. For example, selenite must not come into contact with water at all. Because it contains plaster of paris, it can easily fall apart over time. Just like hematite and pyrite, they don’t like water either.

After cleaning, the stones should be recharged. There are different methods for doing this. Some stones can be charged in the sun, but many cannot tolerate direct sunlight. For such stones there are amethyst drusen or rock crystals.

The following stones can be charged in the sun:

Agate, aventurine, rock crystal, amber, beryl chrysolite (peridot), garnet, heliotrope, obsidian prasem pyrite rhodonite, ruby tiger’s eye and tourmaline.

Rock crystals or amethyst druses can be used to charge stones such as chalcedony, chrysoprase, hematite, jade, carnelian, lapis lazuli, malachite, onyx, opal, smoky quartz, rose quartz, emerald, sodalite, topaz, turquoise, citrine.

Reiki is also a very welcome method of recharging or even purifying.

Chakras purification and healing

Chakras are the main energy centers in our body. They provide him with the necessary life energy. If the flow of energy in the chakras is disturbed, disharmonies can occur on a spiritual, spiritual and physical level.

Clairvoyant people can rebalance these disorders.

For example with the help of Reiki or ThetaHealing. There are many energy centers in our body.

We will consider the seven most important.

7. Sahasrara (crown chakra) colors purple, gold, white

6. Ajna (Third Eye) color indigo

5. Visuddha (throat chakra) color light blue

4. Anahata (heart chakra) color green and pink

3. Manipura (solar plexus chakra) color yellow

2. Svadhistana (sacral or sexual chakra) color orange

1. Muladhara (root chakra) color red

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