How to Use Chakra Candles: The Definitive Guide


7 chakra candle, which is presented as a seven-color candle, will allow you to activate your energy centers in the blink of an eye.I discover a lot of people do not understand the real power of chakra candle. Discovering exactly how to use Chakra candles effectively is a vital ability for any witch despite your ability level.

What is the 7 chakra candle?

Each of the colors of the 7 Chakra Candle set corresponds to one of your energy centers, or chakras. It was the Hindu priests, several millennia ago, who discovered the properties of these colors and how to activate their vibrations with the help of a candle. Lighting the candle will allow you to activate your energy centers one after the other, and to harmonize them as a whole, in order to achieve inner balance. However, to activate your energy centers, it is quite possible to have 7 candles of different colors (as long as the colors correspond to those of the chakras), and to light only the one(s) you need at a specific moment.

Purple. This color corresponds to the crown chakra, located at the top of the head. It is associated with purity and sincerity. If it is important to activate your energy centers as a whole regularly, this one is essential because it represents harmony, balance between body, mind and environment.

Dark blue. The frontal chakra, which is responsible for channelling energy to the body. It holds the highest vibratory frequency.

light blue. This is the throat chakra, which is related to communication as well as wisdom and serenity. Activating this chakra increases intuition and sensitivity.

Green. The green part of the chakra energy candles corresponds to the heart chakra. It is responsible for the awakening of higher consciousness and when activated, it attracts more happiness and compassion.

chakra healing candle

Yellow. The solar plexus chakra, located under the diaphragm, is related to power, self-esteem and can bring energetic healing.

Orange. The umbilical chakra controls our sexual fulfillment and governs our reproductive organs. It is also linked to power of attraction and mental strength.

Red.Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra represents courage and strength. Activating it will increase your strength tenfold and revitalize your life.

What are chakra candles for?

Use chakra healing candles to bring greater focus to your energy healing work. Cleanse and balance the chakras often to promote wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Recognize chakra imbalance

Root, sacred, solar, heart, etc… The chakras are inside our body, the replicas of universal energy. Named chi, ki or prana, this energy must circulate in order to function. As soon as it is blocked, imbalances occur. This perpetual movement is the trademark of everything around us. Impermanence, the source of Buddhist philosophy, can be our source of happiness or not, depending on how it is lived. Buddhism teaches us that it is possible to love life without reducing it to a nice house, a new car, a career, a group of friends or a spouse. Everything can change from one day to the next, and to cling to a form of happiness that is not internal is to expose oneself to suffering. To enter the dance of this perpetual movement, one needs solid chakras, because only they carry all the necessary to evolve (with grace) in balance on the path which is intended for us.

The balance of the chakras is thus essential to lead a fulfilled life. It is in any case my conviction, the result of about ten years of work in sophrology and energetic care.

Fortunately, there is nothing complicated about finding a chakra that is out of balance. It is enough to observe oneself!

Repetitive patterns, (bad) choices, anger, sudden sadness, lack of confidence, excessive jealousy, lack of drive, feelings of insecurity, too many questions, unexplained fears… All this can be the sign of a chakra (or several) in imbalance.

In their functioning, if a chakra is under- or over-active, it deprives its neighbors of the right amount of energy. It sends too much or too little. The continuous movement necessary for their balance is slowed down or stopped. The chakra that is in difficulty will continue to function in degraded mode, and little by little, if nothing is done, the domino effect of this dysfunction will impact all the other chakras.

Using candles to open your chakras is nothing new

The royal way to balance the chakras is yoga. Other practices, such as chi gong, or tai chi contribute to the well-being of our universal energy channel. Yoga requires a regular investment of time and money. It often requires being in good enough shape to perform particular postures. When the rhythm of life is too dense to engage in a regular practice, other solutions exist, and among them: candles!

Except perhaps lithotherapy, there is no simpler way to balance your chakras than with candles. (see here how We decided to combine both with our lithotherapy candles for each chakra! )

Undeniable advantage, they adapt to your schedule. You can choose to balance your chakras in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening… change your mind and opt for the weekend during the day, etc… The aloha bay chakra candles are transportable, discreet, and pretty at home. Only assets.

chakra energy candle

How does chakra candle work?

Deciding to take care of your chakras is a healthy process. With formidable outlets. As with any commitment, it is perseverance that will make the difference. Fortunately, some chakras “settle” quickly. This is the case of the root chakra, which only needs to be in balance. A few days are enough, sometimes less, to put it back in good condition. So why not start with this one?

We have identified 4 operating principles:

The fire element and the solar plexus

The candle embodies the element fire, and thus movement, transformation, metamorphosis. It is the fire energy that transforms an idea into an act. It materializes the idea “I want to balance my chakras” in regular rituals to achieve its goal. One cannot dream of a more suitable support to impel a new beginning, in harmony with one’s chakras. Entrusting one’s objective to the quiet glow of a candle… reinforces one’s conviction that this change is necessary. The solar plexus is linked to the fire element. As it is the energy center of the will, of movement, with its help, your commitments can only succeed! Even if it is not the chakra you have chosen to balance, working on your energies with a candle will strengthen it, positive effects guaranteed!

The spirituality of the candle for the cleaning of energies

The candle was used to bring light before electricity. Beyond this practical and indispensable aspect to bring a sense of security, it was, and still is, used for religious, magical, and/or spiritual rituals.

chakra cleansing candles have been used throughout history to cleanse the energies of the spaces before ceremonies. They can also cleanse the energies of the chakras… Again the element fire that transforms, destroys to better rebuild… But not that….

Practicing wellness rituals with a chakra balancing candle is basically a very solemn commitment to the process of balance…

The flame and meditation

Meditation is a very accessible practice. All you have to do is nothing. Observe one’s breath without modifying it, become aware of the multitude of thoughts that pollute the mind, even if it means diverting it from its path. Buddhists readily compare this chaos of thoughts to a group of monkeys jumping from tree to tree without ever ceasing to stir.

The candle, and more precisely the flame of your chakra scented candles will reinforce your desire for balance. You will be able, with your eyes closed, to reproduce the flame of your care candle. Direct this purifying and powerful energy towards the chakra you wish to rebalance.

Energies quite simply (and thus without doing anything)

The first thing we learn in feng shui is that all objects in the house act on our own energies. Some objects are not indicated in decoration like knives, swords. And others are to be preferred: healthy flowers, pleasant paintings, spiritual objects… Feng shui teaches us that a clear, tidy house, whose energies are cleaned regularly will bring much well-being to its inhabitants.

It is the same for candles, which are at the bottom of spiritual objects, supports of intentions. The fact that they are environmentally friendly (our chakra votive candles are made of ecological soy wax, not palm or kerosene wax), made in France in optimal working conditions, with a fragrance made in France will bring de facto a beneficial energy. Your chakras will not fail to connect to it, in the same way that they connect to each other, to the energies of nature, to the degrees of vibration of objects.

How do you burn Chakra candles?

1.Whenever you light a candle, constantly state your true intention as well as end with a favorable affirmation.

2. Melt a candle based upon the color you require.

3. Utilize the 7 colors of the Chakra Pillar Candles and light these candles to launch the shade right into the area.

What is the purpose of Chakra pillar candles?

The seven key chakras are likewise related to certain colors and also icons. Chakra Pillar Candles integrate shade therapy with aromatherapy and also are an excellent means to boost power recovery sessions and meditations. The color as well as scent blend of each candle light are made to improve particular healing energies.

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