What are Nadis and Their Relationship to the Chakras?

What are Nadis and Their Relationship to the Chakras (1)

What are Nadis and Their Relationship to the Chakras? Nadis are energy channels forming a pathway throughout your body. Nadis’ energy flows from the chakras and comes back to the chakras.

Visualize an electrical network running through the body: the nadis are the wires conducting vital energy (prana shakti) and mental energy (manas shakti), and the chakras are a kind of crossroads more or less important. According to Tantra, we have 72,000 nadis in the body.

One of the exercises to balance these two energies is nadi shodhana or alternate breathing. I told you about it towards the end of this article.

What are chakras, meridians and nadis?

Chakras, Meridians and Nadis. The seven main Chakras are located at various points along the spine. They correlate with various Meridian points flowing along the spine. There are 12 main meridians 6 are yin and 6 are yang. Reiki channelizes the Qi/Ki life force energy through both the Chakras and Meridians.

Nadis are the pathway of ‘Prana’ in the subtle body, in the same way as in the gross body a nerve impulse takes place. Since nerves are the physical structure, in the anatomical study it can be seen but Nadis only can be perceived as energy and consciousness in motion during the deep and higher state of meditation.

What are the three principal nadis of the human body?

The number of nadis of the human body is claimed to be up to hundreds-of-thousands and even millions. The Shiva Samhita treatise on yoga states, for example, that out of 350,000 nadis 14 are particularly important, and among them, the three just mentioned are the three most vital. The three principal nadis are ida, pingala, and sushumna.

Among these nadis, three are particularly important. They are ida, pingala and sushumna.

Ida (left): considered as the lunar channel, it controls the activities of the mind.

Pingala (right): considered as the solar channel, it controls the physical activities.

Sushumna is the central channel through which the spiritual energy or Kundalini flows.

It is when pranic or vital energy, mental energy and spiritual energy meet, that we speak of chakras.

Usually, our Kundalini (we speak of a snake coiled on itself at the base of the column to symbolize this energy) is inactive, and the energy circulates a bit like the positive and the negative, without turning on the light bulbs. When the 3 forces are active, then we can speak of chakra activation. It is by healing both the negative and the positive that the third force can intervene.

On this active energy depends our spiritual awakening, the understanding of our true nature and of non-duality…

What are the three principal nadis of the human body

Nadis, Chakras, and the Nervous System

Nadis, Chakras, and the Nervous System Yoga anatomy and physiology are clear and accurate to those who systematically study and practice the science of yoga, and they find that it reveals more about the internal functionings of the human body than any modern scientific experiment or explanation.

Sushumna Nadi and Kundalini Awakening

Sushumna Nadi has an important role in proper kundalini awakening. It is because the proper kundalini awakening results only when this divine energy passes through it. So, it is better to practice various asanas prior to the kundalini activation process. The yoga asanas are really meant for it.

Location of the Nadis in our Human Body

The system of kundalini yoga describes mooladhara chakra as the main as the main network of nadis in the pranic body. Ida, pingala and sushumna originate here.Ida and Pingala then flow alternately, coiling around the spinal passage from left to right. Sushumna flows straight up through the middle of our body.

Can you purify the nadis and the chakras?

Through meditation you can purify the nadis and the chakras. Purification refers to the separation of gross and subtle negative elements from the raw energies. It includes filtering of negative thoughts, toxin food elements, negative actions, negative visions, negative words etc. There are many nadis and many chakras throughout our body.

How many nadis are there in Tantra?

In addition to the seven chakras of the subtle body, the Tantras have described a network of subtle channels known as nadis through which the life force (prana) circulate. Nadi means “stream”. According to the tantric treatise Shiva Samhita, there are fourteen principal nadis.

Are Nadis and Meridians the same?

In Chinese medicine, nadis are known as the meridians. “Although unlike meridians, nadis are not defined in the limbs” (McAllister, 1998). According to yogic philosophy there are said to be 72,000 nadis in the human body (Johari, 2010).

Location of 7 chakras

The 7 chakras are part of the most commonly known chakra system made of seven energy centers located along the spine and ending in the brain, from the perineum area to the top of the head.

How many Nadis are in the body?

The network of Nadis in our body is so vast and subtle that ancient texts have cited different numbers of Nadis based on their calculations. According to Shiva Samhitha, our body consists of 350,000 Nadis. Out of these 14 Nadis are important.

The 7 chakras

The word chakra, means wheel, but we can rather speak of energy vortex in the case of the chakras listed below.


Physically housed at the very base of the column, this center governs the strength of the body, our basic needs, our roots.

Element: Earth

Color: red

Meaning: Smell

Organ: Nose

Bîja mantra: LAM


Between the sacrum and the belly, this center governs the circulation of blood and energy, family, creativity, relationships, sexuality.

Element: Water

Color: Orange

Sense: Taste

Organ: Language

Bîja mantra: VAM


Between the navel and the lumbar spine, we accumulate here tensions related to fear and anxiety. It is the zone of fire, combustion, heat. Regulates digestion, shapes, colors, sense of self (ego).

Element: Fire

Color: Yellow

Meaning: Sight

Organ: Eyes

Bîja mantra: RAM


At the level of the chest: here we have the lungs, the heart, the diaphragm. Governs the balance between the lower and upper chakras, the large and the subtle. The love it evokes is unconditional. What blocks here is related to the hassles of life and problems with our loved ones, stagnating in the bronchi.

Element: Air

Color: Green

Meaning: Touch

Organ: Skin

Bîja mantra: YAM


Lodges in the region of the gorge. It governs knowledge, inner communication.

Element: Akasha, translated as ether.

Color: Blue

Meaning: Hearing

Organ: Ears

Bîja mantra: HAM


At the level of the third eye, between the two eyebrows. Governs intuition – cessation of duality.

Element: All the elements are present in essence.

Color: Indigo

Bîja mantra: OM


Located on the top of the skull, where the fontanel is. It is our crown, connected to the stars, to the moon, which are related to this center.

This chakra is activated only when the Kundalini awakens and the other chakras are crossed and balanced. This is the chakra of Spiritual Awakening.

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