The ability of chakra stones and crystals to harmonize and balance the body while soothing and harnessing the potential of the mind is a miraculous gift of nature.

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Crystals and Stones for the 7 Chakras  

Each chakra is associated with a particular location on the body and a particular color, and each also has its own particular role in optimal health and well-being.

1.Root or base 

Association : Represents the passion and the feeling of being rooted.

Color : Red

Location : Base of the spine

When it’s low : You may feel weak, tired, or unmotivated; experience lower back or leg pain, or immune system disorders; or go into survival mode.

When it’s open : You will feel “at home” in your body, empowered and full of life.

Ritual : Place a red crystal between your thighs near the groin and think of the color red – think of heat, of the energy buried deep within you, your core, your family (if that’s the source of stability) , or your passions.

Recommended stones : Red jasper , ruby and blood stone .


Association : Represents creativity and your ability to accept others.

Color : Orange

Location : Two inches below the navel

When it’s low : You may feel confused, overly dependent on others, frustrated, or unmotivated, and you may experience swelling or have low hormone levels.

When it’s open : You will feel flexible in your body and mind, creative, playful, and open.

Ritual : Place an orange healing stone above the pelvic bone, think of the color orange, and think of yourself as a creative being.

Recommended Stones : carnelian , citrine dark or brown, Aventurine orange , orange calcite and quartz tangerine .

3.Solar plexus 

Association : Represents the intellect and the way you see yourself in the world.

Color : yellow

Location : Upper abdomen

When it’s low : You may feel like you are in control, afraid, lacking in self-confidence, or being unable to feel emotions. You might experience digestive issues.

When it’s open : You can release the need for control and be open to new ideas, suggestions, emotions, happiness, and joy. You can have a robust digestion.

Ritual : Place a yellow crystal two inches above your navel, think about the color yellow or a sunny day, and think about your power center and your ability to manifest yourself.

Recommended stones : Citrine and amber


Association : Represents your ability to unconditionally love and accept others.

Color : green

Location : Center of the chest

When it’s low : You may feel stressed, anxious, jealous, or bitter, and you may have too high or too low blood pressure, high or low heart rate, or lumps or cysts in your breasts.

When it’s open : You may feel more relaxed, accepting, open to new relationships, and able to maintain balanced relationships. You can feel love and forgiveness.

Ritual : Place a green or pink healing stone on your sterenum, think of the colors pink and green, and think of soothing, mending, opening your heart. ( Rose quartz is known to nourish and restructure the emotional centers of the heart. Think of green as soothing and healing the heart). Let go of all anger.

Stones Recommended : For green: malachite , tourmaline green , agate green moss , emerald and Aventurine ; for pink: rose quartz , ruby, rhodochrosite and pink tourmaline ; or for pink and green: watermelon tourmaline.


Association : Represents communication and self-expression.

Color : blue

Location : Gorge

When it is low : You may experience a lack of ability to express yourself in a positive way or loss of words, and you may experience stuttering, a feeling of isolation or incomprehension, a sore throat, jaw tight or stiff neck.

When it’s open : You can feel more expressive, communicative, and true to yourself, and you can have healthier mouth, gums, teeth, and nasal passages.

Ritual : Place a blue crystal on the larynx, think of the color blue, and think of clear communication, positive speech, and the power in your words.

Recommended stones : Blue sapphire, sodalite , lapis lazuli , aquamarine and turquoise .

6.Third eye or eyebrow 

Association : Represents understanding and your ability to focus and see the big picture.

Color : Indigo

Location : Between the eyes on the forehead

When it’s low : You may experience a foggy brain, an overactive mind, a stiff neck, or a lack of flexibility.

When it’s open : You can have a clearer mind, better problem-solving ability, greater intuition, and the ability to understand and focus.

Ritual : Place a purple stone between the eyebrows (the third eye is a calming point), think about the color purple, and focus on your intuition and clarity.

Recommended stones : Amethyst , lapis and iolite


Association : Represents divine inspiration

Color : purple

Location : Top of the head

When it’s low : You may feel awkward, uncoordinated, uninspired, out of step, not knowing who you are or why you exist, or rigid in your thinking.

When it’s open : You can feel more flexible, understand the ebb and flow of life, immune to setbacks, and have a clearer ability to see things as they are.

Do this : Place a clear or purple crystal above your head, think of white light, and think of your connection with the divine, God, and / or spirit.

Recommended Chakra Stones : Clear Quartz and Clear Amethyst

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